Patient Stories – Rosacea and Spider Veins Reviews

“I had some broken capillaries on my face that bothered me immensely. One appointment later, the broken capillaries are completely gone.”

What Our Patients Say about Our Rosacea and Spider Vein Reduction and Removal Laser Treatments

Rosacea presents itself as a wide spectrum of symptoms from simple “rosy cheeks”, wherein the skin of the face may “blush” red or pink, to progressively more serious symptoms, such as dilated blood vessels, to spider veins (called telangiectasias), to small red bumps (papules) that may be filled with pus that can also ooze causing the skin to be swollen, shiny and wet. In severe cases with oozing pustules it is often called “Acne Rosacea”. 

Broken Capillaries are Gone and my Skin Looks Great

by Brett F. at

“My skin looks great”

As a make-up artist I am always on the lookout for new laser treatments and where to have them done. I was looking to get some broken capillaries lasered and found AMA via CitySearch. I made an appointment. Everyone was very friendly. They had me come in a touch early for the mandatory consult (free of charge) that at first I felt was annoying but it ended up being very smart. It was very clear what I wanted done and what they could do to help.

Dr. Pien was AMAZING! First of all, she looks great. Beautiful skin. That really makes me feel comfortable. She did an all over laser treatment for redness, capillaries and brown spots/sun damage. I liked that while she did the procedure she spoke the entire time, telling me what she was doing, every step. I asked questions and got insights into how and why the laser works.

I highly recommend AMA and Alice to my friends and clients. My skin looks great and I look forward to my ‘maintenance’ appointments. Brett Approved!

One Laser Treatment Removed my Leg Veins

by DeLacey A. at

“It took only one laser treatment to make my legs back to normal”

I have had a ton of laser hair removal done by different doctors in orange county. I was beyond frustrated after paying all this money to have these hair removal treatments done that are supposed to be permanent. I was referred to AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare and can I tell you I am so pleased! The hair is almost completely gone!

I decided to try another treatment here and try to get rid of those pesky spider veins, Dr. Pien is amazing! It took only one laser treatment to make my legs back to normal, and I had some pretty deep spider veins. I will definitely be going back to finish off the laser hair removal and eventually add some new zones.

Totally recommend this place to anyone looking to have these procedures done. Ive even sent some family members here.

My Broken Capillaries are Completely Gone

by Taryn P. at

“The broken capillaries are completely gone”

I cannot say enough good things about this facility and their staff.

I had some broken capillaries on my face that bothered me immensely. I had given up hope that I could ever get rid of them. One appointment later, the broken capillaries are completely gone.

I will always come to AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare for my skin care needs.

Stretch Marks and Spider Veins all Gone

by Lexim87 at

“The results where amazing”

I’ve seen Dr. Pien for a couple of different treatments. The first was stretch mark reduction which I must say worked fabulously. 

My most recent treatment was for redness on my face. I’m fair skinned and wasn’t sure if I was beginning to develop rosacea

After my first treatment the results where amazing. I never realized just how red and splotchy my face actually was! 

Not only have the results from my treatments been amazing, Dr. Pien is an amazing, caring doctor. The entire staff makes you feel comfortable and cared for. Great place!

My Rosacea and Broken Capillaries are Improving Every Day

by Denee D. at

I can’t say enough about how happy I am to have found Dr Pien and AMA!  

I suffered from rosacea and bad broken capillaries on my face.  I had a consultation and they recommended a plan of action. I have just completed my last round of laser treatment and my skin is improving more each and every day.  For the first time in my life, I feel comfortable without makeup on.

Thank you AMA Skincare and Dr Pien!!

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