Integrative Skincare

AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare’s protocols combine the simultaneous use of multiple lasers, as well as a variety of non-laser modalities to holistically engage your skin to “Physiologically Repair, Regenerate and Rebirth” young, healthy and beautiful skin.

Regenerative Medicine

At no time in history has the promise of living long and strong been more available and more real than it is today. Because of the new Biosciences of Biological Allografts / Stem Cells (FDA:HCT/P) and the new field of Regenerative Medicine.

About Us

AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare’s medical philosophy emanates from an astonished appreciation for the sheer genius and wonder of human physiology. As scientists and physicians, the more we understand about the intricacies of how biological life functions, the more we are awed by the realization that, as Einstein said, we are “touching the mind of God.”

We believe that the roadmap for health exists within the engineering of our own physiological systems. At the very core of each of our proprietary protocols, we strive to utilize the body’s own physiological resources in partnership with our innovative protocols to bring about the Physiological Repair, Regeneration & Rebirth” of healthy, young & beautiful skin.

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What Others Say About Us

I have been living with sun spots for about 15 years and they have only been getting worse. What a relief to learn AMA can remove these ugly sun spots!!! I had my first treatment last week and already I see a noticeable improvement with my face! I love it!

If you want honest, knowledgable, caring, affordable, I could go on and on! I promise you, AMA is the only place I will ever go for my skin care and overall wellness. The BEST out there! They do more than just skin care! You won’t be disappointed!

AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare has been a blessing to my life. Dr. Pien and Dr. Milgrom have been so supportive in helping me cure my acne. I had horrible skin before I started going to AMA. Give them a chance they are experts!

Most recently I discovered Ozone Therapy for chronic sinus infections. I will NEVER do the decongestant and antibiotics treatments now that I have discovered the miracle of Ozone! It is painless, fast and has no side effects!