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AMA regenerative Medicine and Skincare's new clinic

A preview of our NEW clinic engineered just for us. Only 5 minutes from John Wayne Airport. 7 Treatment Rooms, 2 Laser O.R.s, 3 Hyperbaric Chambers, an IV Arena and a Cryogen Therapy Chamber.

As the leader in the use of advanced cosmetic lasers and regenerative medicine we treat a full spectrum of cosmetic and medical conditions.

In order to achieve the best possible results for you, successful treatments should start with a patient that is thoroughly educated. Therefore, we start our relationship with you with a free and private consultation wherein we invest an entire hour to personally educate you.

During the hour consultation we will begin to customize the most comprehensive and effective treatment possible for you. Thus you will have ample opportunity to ask lots of questions and explore the many options available to you.

Alignment of mind and heart

Most importantly before your first treatment, it is imperative that we ensure that you have been able to create an “alignment between heart and mind”, which we believe is critical before one involves the body.   This alignment is the purpose of the consultations we conduct, not just getting a signed “informed consent”.

Our Locations in Southern California 


South Coast Metro


P: 949.428.4500

1570 Brookhollow Dr.

Santa Ana, CA 92705


Beverly Hills / Los Angeles


P: 310.460.2444

6310 San Vicente Blvd. STE 285

Los Angeles, CA 90048



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