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Having Thick Skin can be a Good Thing - The Latest in high tech laser techniques - Story by Bree Walker

Having Thick Skin can be a Good Thing – The Latest in high tech laser techniques – Story by Bree Walker


Repost of an article originally written in 2006

Thick Skin - Bree WalkerIt’s been said that a working journalist must have thick skin but I never thought this expression had literal meaning. Now that I am officially middle age, I am eager for a dermatological thickening of my skin, even, as my heart grows softer with age. Unfortunately, as time marches on, my Scandinavian skin is destined for its ancestral tissue-paper fragility. My inner debate continues whether I should go under the knife and risk that stretched Saran wrap look that so many Scandinavian women suffer after surgical face and neck lifts, or do I opt for a more long-term approach that includes diligent at-home skin care and a willingness to explore new non-surgical technologies?

A surgical facelift means instant gratification with potentially more dramatic (possibly too dramatic) results versus a slower, more methodical process of skin cell rebuilding. I’ve been struggling with this issue for years, waiting for just the right procedure to convince me that waiting was the smartest course of action. With so many new options available in the world of cosmetic improvements, a surgical facelift may not always be the best option. That tight-drawn look that sometimes results from continued aging after a surgical facelift may be avoided by considering new advances in collagen building. As we age, our skin becomes thinner and more fragile. Pulling the skin into place the way a surgical facelift does will not rebuild the collagen underneath, which is critical to creating moist and thicker skin. One new procedure that provides collagen rebuilding is the SpectraLift™ Non-Surgical Facelift offered at AMA Regenerative Medicine and Skincare. 


Thick Skin - Computerized Complexion AnalysisI first hear about the SpectraLift™ Non-Surgical Facelift through a friend who is a makeup artist. She raved about the results she’d seen on acne scarred patients and celebrities she knew who previously had acne. Having the opportunity to see these individuals up close gave her a chance to study improvements in their skin and discover which procedures they used to treat their acne. She made an appointment to visit AMA Regenerative Medicine and Skincare, where many state-of-the-art laser treatments including the SpectraLift™ Non-Surgical Facelift have been developed by doctors Asher Milgrom, PhD and Alice Pien, MD. Utilizing many different types of lasers has allowed AMA to develop unique protocols that allow an extraordinary range of customized treatments. AMA’s advanced laser protocols include treatment for acne scarring, cystic acne, sun spots, melasma, rosacea, spider veins, thinning or damaged dermis and of course, sagging skin and wrinkles.

Watch the Video : The SpectraLift™ Non-Surgical Facelift

Delighted by the prospect that AMA might offer what I had been hoping for in terms of a facelift without surgery, I visited the AMA site which is located in an industrial park near the John Wayne Airport in Irvine. You would never know the building contained a serene, graceful spa for holistic healthcare combined with the latest high tech skin care lasers. They offer the latest technology in Southern California high end skin care clinics, with one major difference; doctors Milgrom and Pien oversee every single procedure. They have raised the bar for other laser dermatology clinics and are often called upon to consult to other physicians’ laser practices.


Thick Skin - Asher Milgrom PhD and Alice Pien MDTwenty years ago, husband and wife doctors Asher Milgrom and Alice Pien opted to establish a progressive non-traditional clinic where patients could be treated with the latest laser technology for skin rejuvenation, acne treatment and scarring. Asher, a self-described physics nerd and Alice, formerly an emergency room physician, GP and pediatrician and now AMA’s Medical Director, decided to combine their skills and elevate the marketplace in high tech laser skin care. Asher, originally educated in an MD PhD program, was already a well-known developer of other high tech digital technologies but wanted to travel less so he and Alice could spend more time at home with their children. What doctors Milgrom and Pien both understood when they embarked on this new journey was their uniqueness in the marketplace. Now with clinics in Irvine and Beverly Hills, they combine unique holistic protocols that enhance the natural healing and regenerative capacity of the skin.

“As a consultant, I had seen so many other skin care doctors have limited success with only one or two laser procedures,” says Milgrom. “I realized that multiple high tech laser equipment would be cost prohibitive for the average dermatological setting. We knew the key to success was using all of the high tech lasers we had at our disposal and using them artistically so that each patient would have a successful outcome.” Milgrom reports that it took two years of intense research and development for them to reach competency, another two years to achieve mastery and now, 65,000 procedures later, they have attained artistry. The combination of mastery of skill and modalities of multiple lasers in a procedure called the SpectraLift™ Non-Surgical Facelift is what doctors Milgrom and Pien have accomplished at AMA Regenerative Medicine and Skincare. In other words, the have learned to physiologically turn back the hands of time and thicken the skin. 


Thick Skin - Asher Milgrom PhD and Bree Walker examine her complexion analysisAMA does not advertise and has one of the most unusual ways I’ve ever seen a skin care clinic market their services. It’s a word of mouth, invitation-only wine and cheese soiree, with a special emphasis on education. Part Tupperware party lecture, roundtable discussion, and sample laser treatments, it sounded exactly like the kind of evening my information junkie, talk-fest girlfriends would enjoy. There were five of us in a room with both doctors, an aray of lasers, and cool videos showing the nitty gritty of the largest organ of the body, our skin. Each of us gained new respect for our skin that night, and four of us left with new laser skin care treatments scheduled on our calendars.

Watch the Video : My Experience Having A Non-Surgical Laser Facelift

Now that each of us have completed three full sessions over a period of six months of the SpectraLift™ Non-Surgical Facelift treatments, I can report objectively that we have all experienced a true thickening of our aging skin. My girlfriends who all have olive-toned complexions report dramatic improvement in their skin tone, pore minimizing and overall radiance. The SpectraLift™ Non-Surgical Facelift procedure should be done every four to six weeks, and although my busy lifestyle hasn’t allowed that frequency, there is still a noticeable difference in my skin. Dr. Pien says I will continue to see progressive improvement for another nine to ten months.


Thick Skin - Alice Pien MD performs the SpectraLift Non-Surgical Facelift on Bree WalkerMy friends have also commented on the difference in my appearance. They’ve asked questions like, “What new foundation are you wearing?” and “Have you had something done?” and, best of all, “Are you in love?” It’s exciting to share the news on the latest skin care treatment that doesn’t involve anesthesia or surgery. While I may consider surgical options at a later time in my life, I feel fortunate to have waited for the right procedure to rediscover my youthful skin. 

As with all skin care laser treatments as well as with surgical facelifts, good sun protection is paramount in retaining any improvement and I will need to be even more mindful of my at-home skin care regiment. One of the many benefits of having this procedure done is that I now appreciate my skin more than ever before; having seen up close how much damage it has suffered over the years of exposure to the sun. I am one sun worshipper humbled beyond her years, with a much thicker skin to thank for it. 

Having Thick Skin can be a Good Thing

The Latest in high tech laser techniques

Bree Walker