A Facelift Without Surgery – The SpectraLift Non-Surgical Facelift

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Color blending is one of the laser treatments included in the SpectraLift™ Non-Surgical Facelift

Color blending is one of the laser treatments included in the SpectraLift™ – A facelift without surgery.


Is it true or even possible that one could have a facelift without surgery that provides real results without going under the knife?

The answer is YES!

At AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare we are continually striving to create innovative and breakthrough technologies to help you maintain youthful and healthy skin. We’re here to physiologically transform our patients’ skin, from the inside out! We feel that it is our mission to keep our patients’ long-term goals and health as our primary focus, not a short term gain that might be damaging to their health.

From dermal fillers like Radiesse™ and Restylane™, Botox™ injections, to the variety of skin conditions that can be treated with our exclusive SpectraLift ™ non-surgical facelift, AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare exists to create customized treatments for every patients skin.

In addition, AMA provides the best tools and treatments for maintenance and preventative care to maximize results and keep your skin looking dazzling with less poking, prodding, and pulling.

Aging causes inevitable changes in your body’s physiology, which in turn affect your skin. By being educated about, and addressing, the internal causes of the exterior symptoms (wrinkles, spots and discoloration, dullness, and sagging), you can improve your health and preserve a youthful appearance.

The SpectraLift™ – A Facelift Without Surgery

AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare’s signature non-surgical facelift treatment, the SpectraLift™ is based on our unique medical philosophy that if you give the skin exactly what it needs to naturally regenerate, it will! With our unique, holistic SpectraLift™ non-surgical facelift, you are investing not only in your appearance, but in the health of your whole body.

Since the procedure is performed with precisely calibrated lasers which individually target specific types of skin cells, results of the SpectraLift™ are both dramatic, and consistent. Furthermore, with no surgical facelift procedure incisions, patients undergo no more than the application of a mild topical anesthetic (totally eliminating risks associated with general anesthesia), experience extremely minimal downtime, and do not suffer the long-term effects of unsightly scarring and bruising.

A Symphony of Lasers

The SpectraLift™ integrates a wide variety of highly specialized laser procedures to completely resurface your skin, energize collagen, smooth away wrinkles and fine lines, erase age spots and discolorations, and smooth out the overall pigmentation of your skin.

This facelift without surgery is less expensive, less painful, less risky, less time consuming, healthier, and more effective than a traditional, surgical facelift. It is customized for your skin and yields extremely long lasting, absolutely natural results.

This holistic multiple modality non surgical facelift treatment utilizes a combination of the most advanced lasers in the world under our PR3™ protocols to dramatically stimulate collagen repair, remodeling and regeneration. Simply watch in wonder as years of roughness, wrinkles and sagging disappear. Even sagging jowls and lip lines will lift, tighten and disappear, as your skin fills out with your own natural collagen. Our unique non-surgical facelift works in partnership with your natural physiology to regenerate layers of youthful collagen.

As the treatments progress you will see you wrinkles vanish, pores shrink and sagging skin lift and tighten. This breakthrough procedure is administered in a series of treatments that will restore youthful physiology on the inside and shed years off your face on the outside. It is the perfect non-surgical facelift that also heals years of accumulated sun damage, spider veins and sun spots.

How a Facelift Without Surgery Works

Watch the video : How the SpectraLift Non-Surgical Facelift Works

Each laser targets certain processes, and certain tissues, within your skin from deep in the dermis to the skin’s visible surface.

There are procedures to promote cell renewal, instead of just exfoliating the surface to remove dead cells. Your skin will actually start to ‘think younger’ and behave as it naturally did earlier in its lifetime. This produces a much quicker and more total cell renewal cycle, which is essential not only to full, supple skin but also for your health as your skin releases toxins built up in the body, and keeps out germs and pollutants.

With over twenty lasers, we have exactly the right energy device to target skin’s overall texture and coloration, correcting roughness and inconsistencies in pigmentation.

Physiologically Younger Skin

Your skin will not only look good on the outside, it will be healthier, stronger and physiologically younger on the inside.

Beyond the profound cosmetic improvements provided by these simple, straightforward procedures, patients will enjoy skin that is actually healthier: real, physiological rejuvenation of the body’s cells and tissues. Your skin will be better able to protect you from environmental pollutants, eliminate toxins that can build up in the body, and refresh itself as it naturally would have in youth (all while looking positively radiant).

Beauty is just a side effect of skin that is truly, naturally, healthy.

So toss the crèmes, powders, and pigments; dare to bare your very own skin. You don’t have to ‘cover up’ to look ‘uncovered’.The secret behind ‘dare to bare’ skin that’s ready when you wake up in the morning and looks fabulous until you go to bed at night (no touching-up required!) is to heal the damage and correct the irregularities through true physiological transformation.

Your skin will be healthier, stronger, and younger on the inside, which makes it years younger, healthier, and more beautiful on the outside.

The Results of a Facelift Without Surgery

Watch the video : My Experience Having A Non Surgical Laser Facelift

Combined with our natural non-laser modalities such as Collagen Induction Therapy, PRM and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, each SpectraLift™ session comprises a 7-10 step transformative process that removes roughness, fine lines and deep wrinkles, shrinks pores and lifts and tones sagging weak skin.

You’ll notice the difference after the first SpectraLift™ session, and over a series of 3-5 sessions you will experience a dramatic transformation of your skin.

For as long as 18 months after the non-surgical facelift procedure, you will experience increasing youthful levels of fresh new collagen that is lifting, toning, and thickening your skin in a natural transformation from the inside out. Go for a quick and simple and single “Intense Collagen Boost” every 1-2 years, and maintain 35-40 year old skin even when 80 years old.

Additionally, if the SpectraLift™ wasn’t already the most effective anti-aging laser treatment and best value on the planet, it also protects you from developing skin cancer, as the treatment effectively removes pre-cancerous tissue such as Actinic Keratosis and even actual cancers such as Basal Cell Carcinomas.

A Patient’s SpectraLift™ Experience

One of the best ways to learn about AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare’s laser treatments is to talk with a patient. Nothing informs potential patients about our procedures better than a recommendation from a friend. So today we are bringing a friend to you.

We sat down with one of our patients to discuss some frequently asked questions about AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare’s world famous SpectraLift™ Non-Surgical Facelift. Here is what she had to say about her experience with the procedure and the staff in our office.

The CO2 Fractional Laser is one of several lasers used during the SpectraLift™ procedure

The CO2 Fractional Laser is one of several lasers used during the SpectraLift™ procedure

Q. Why did you choose AMA?
A. “I found AMA online while looking for information on a facelift without surgery and became interested in them. I had the time to get the SpectraLift™ and so I came in. It is very simple. I came in and had a consultation appointment and everyone treated me great.”

Q. Why did you decide to do this over plastic surgery?
A. “I would never cut or go under anesthesia unnecessarily. I’d rather just forget about it. I like that this is holistic and it is a non-invasive facelift.”

Q. Was it painful?
A. “No, it is not painful. I am a baby but this was not that bad. You take some sort of pain medication and they apply a numbing cream to your face. It is a simple pain. Dr. Alice Pien explains it to you as you go along. She says this is going to feel warm and this is going to pinch, so you know what is going on the entire time.”

Q. Were you happy with the results of the SpectraLift™ Non-Surgical Facelift?
A. “Yes! You have three of them and by the third one you are looking so good. With the first one you see a huge change. People can’t tell that you have had any work done – they just know that you look good. A definite advantage over plastic surgery. You are just glowing.”

Q. How long was the recovery?
A. “I don’t recover as quickly as other people do. It took me about five days to fully recover from laser treatment. I was walking around town after two days with sunglasses on and by three days you look good but by five days you are like new.”

Q. Would you tell your friends to have the SpectraLift™ Non-Surgical Facelift?
A. “I have and will recommend it to more friends. I think everyone should have this and go back once a year for a touch up. Why let it sag? Go in every year for a facelift without surgery to keep it all in place.”

Mommy Makeover of Mom Blogger Shelby Barone

AMA Skincare would like to introduce OC Mom Blogger Shelby Barone who has made a career of teaching women about being healthy and taking care of their skin.

Shelby had her SpectraLift facelift without surgery this week and is blogging about her experience.

Shelby had her SpectraLift facelift without surgery this week and is blogging about her experience.

“I have been struggling for the past couple of years with the condition of my skin,” said popular mommy blogger Shelby Barone and the author of Glitterful Felt Stories. I can never leave the house without a thick layer of foundation to help even the tone of my skin – even when just going to the pool with the kids. I have tried every product on the market, and yet nothing ever seems to work.”

Shelby first heard about AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare from another mommy blogger. She knew their treatments could be the answer to her problems. When I learned about AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare I knew right away that they were the best place for me to go. They have a holistic approach on all their treatments by stimulating your skin cells to do what they used to do when you were younger.”

The SpectraLift™ was Right for Her

After a free consult with Shelby, Dr. Asher Milgrom, our chief scientist at AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare, strongly recommended their exclusive SpectraLift – a non-surgical facelift. The SpectraLift is AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare’s signature customized laser procedure that utilizes multiple-modality protocols in their laser treatments.

Shelby was impressed that AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare’s multiple modality protocols featured as many as seven to nine lasers in a single session, compared to one to two lasers at other clinics. Our doctors have over 30 state-of-the-art devices to choose from when performing treatments. These devices allow our doctors to tap into the patient’s own physiology to give them a holistic rebirth of their skin.

“In an age overwhelmed with hype and dominated by synthetic ‘quick fixes’, we stand for a more authentic ethic of genuine health and well-being,” said Dr. Milgrom. “In partnership with your physiology we achieve spectacular results that are real, natural and long-lasting.”

Shelby had her SpectraLift this week and is blogging about her experience at AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare as well as her recovery. You can read her story at Glitterful Felt Stories.

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