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Laser Birthmark Removal Completely Got Rid of My Birthmark

by Wendy M. at

“The first time I have ever seen results”

Best dermatologist I have ever been to! I have a birth mark on my face and I been to a dozen of dermatologist and most told me it was impossible to remove it or have tried a laser treatment and nothing happened, until I found Ama skincare first of they gave me a free consultation and a free test spot, this is the first time I have ever seen results! I’m probably in my 4th laser treatment now and it’s almost gone, Dr.Alice Pien has been extremely patient with me and explains everything on what to expect and every little detail about a birthmark, you can definitely tell they are all educated and certified to be a dermatologist. Oh and the best part is it’s not too pricey it’s very affordable and it’s a good price for what you’re asking for she also removed a small mole for free just out of her character! I seriously don’t know why I didn’t come here in the first place instead of throwing away so much money on other dermatologist, also they have a very cool relaxing waiting room with massage chairs and their staff is amazing! Honestly love them for what they have done for me (:


Let me just start off by saying I was born with a dark brown birth mark on my face, it was a size of a quarter, and I was bullied growing up because of it. I would always wear make up to try covering it up, even going to the beach I would wear a full face of make up and I would not even go in the water. I decided I wanted to get it removed. I went to 6 different Dermatologists in Beverly Hills, I spent so much money on consultations and different laser test spots on my birth mark. Some of the Doctors even advised me that laser wont work and the only way is to cease it out and I would be left with a big scar. I would leave crying knowing nothing will ever remove it. I came to AMA…and first test spot was such a success I noticed it made my birth mark a lot lighter. Point is, I finally finished my last session and its completely gone!! You guys don’t know how life changing it was for me! I am so thankful and blessed to have met Dr. Pien. I haven’t worn foundation since then!

Does it Work? Yes! My Amazing Results After 1 Treatment

by Joel M. at

“I noticed amazing results after 1 treatment”

I checked a few places before deciding on AMA Skincare. Initially I thought they would be more expensive but I went with them anyway because they seemed the most knowledgeable. I think it ended up being cheaper than other places though because they don’t nickel and dime you. Even though I was there for like 2-3hrs (consultation, waiting for anesthetic to kick in, hyperbaric chamber after, etc), I only had to pay for the 15min laser treatment.

Also, I thought they might not have done enough on my second laser treatment so they had me come back a couple days later and gave me a touch up for free. The facility is great and since they remodeled it’s even better. The place is like a spa. They even have massage chairs while you wait. Their staff is really nice and professional and the doctors are top notch. If there is a laser treatment they can’t do themselves they know where to refer you.

And in case you’re wondering does it work? YES. I noticed amazing results after 1 treatment. This is the best place to go for any kind of laser treatment!


My Daughter’s Laser Tattoo Removal Looks Great!

“Tattoo removal look great”

Thank Dr. Pien for taking care of my daughter, her tattoo removal look great!

She didn’t have any scar.

Thank for your compassion of your work .

Dropping Inches Like I was Told I Would

by Nancy L. at

“Cutting edge in treatments for surgery free solutions”

Just finished a series of 9 zerona treatments and enjoyed the two weeks I chose to commit to commute to the Newport Beach area in search of a slimmer waistline. I am still dropping inches like I was told I would a week after the sessions have ended and all the while never experienced pain.

The staff members I interacted with were not only very knowledgeable, they were very personable and willing to share their knowledge about the treatments and equipment as well as being very responsive to my having to reschedule the appointments several times due to my work schedule constraints.

The vast array of lasers available in this office coupled with the holistic approach puts them on the cutting edge in treatments for surgery free solutions. While not inexpensive, the cost of the treatments are certainly a good value when considering the amount spent on Botox and fillers as quick fix temporary solutions with questionable outcomes or having to deal with even more expensive surgery alternatives.

Dr. Milgrom himself, took the time to educate us in the methods they have perfected using lasers to jumpstart the skin into doing the work itself rather than burning the layers of skin as so many of the treatments du jour manage to do. Being a believer in subtle refinement with a natural outcome– AMA has convinced me. And now that I’ve successfully completed the first set of treatments for fat reduction I’ll be bringing my friends and returning for treatments to heal my skin irregularities. The office is located so close to the Orange County Airport you could walk if needed and if you’re driving it’s a short distance just south of the 405 and they do validate parking.

They Cured My Horrible Skin

by Michelle T. at

This place is outstanding! I came here with horrible skin and they were able to cure it for me. Everyone here is so caring and they do everything with absolute care.

I would recommend this place for anyone with all skin types! Overall, my whole family loves this place and we’ve been going here for the past couple of years!


She Genuinely Cares for Her Tattoo Removal Patients

by E C. at

Dr’s Milgrom and Pien are amazing! I am currently coming here for tattoo removal. I had a terrible experience with tattoo removal in the past (with a different dr’s office) that left me with permanent scars. I came here and sat with Dr. Milgrom to discuss removing another tattoo. I was really nervous but he patiently answered all of my questions and set me at ease.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Pien for the laser treatments. I actually look forward to my sessions just to chat with her…she is beyond sweet! From the moment you meet her you can tell she genuinely cares for her patients. I have only had 5 sessions and my tattoo has nearly diminished. I would absolutely recommend for tattoo removal. I will be back for sure for other skin care maintenance! Thank you Dr. Pien!!


Works Wonders for My Skin

by A M. at

Dr pien is arguably one of the best Medical doctors in southern California. I am a person of color and it is very difficult to find solutions to accommodate and improve darker skin. Every time i go for a follow up each month i get the peel which works wonders for my skin, giving it more clarity and smoothness and peeling off damaged old skin. She and also her staff are very professional and informative i honestly cant think of one negative thing to say about the practice. Writing this review was the least that i can do to show my appreciation for all that dr.pien and her staff has done.

If you’re seeking a highly experienced doctor you might as well start with the best. I would highly recommend her services to anyone with all skin types and problems.

The Result of My Laser Treatment was Superb

I am absolutely amazed by the incredible results I’ve had at AMA Skincare. I will definitely continue a regimen of laser treatments for many years to come! Sun spots, age spots and red capillaries have disappeared, pores are smaller, and my skin is smooth, radiant and more “spongy” and youthful-feeling than ever before. I’ve had treatments on my hands too and the results were superb.

Previously, I had a few foto-facials and laser treatments at a well-known West Hollywood skin salon as well as at my dermatologist’s office. NONE OF THEM COMPARE TO THE TREATMENTS AT AMA, where the laser does so many different things — much more than at any other place I tried.

Everyone who works here is attentive, caring, knowledgeable and sweet. They prep you with numbing cream and make you extremely comfortable in the amazing massage chairs before each treatment. Dr. Pien is sensitive and careful, telling you everything she’s doing so there are no surprises. And recovery in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber is an extra you will find NOWHERE else. Yet another example of what AMA Skincare offers — 5-star luxury treatment combined with the highest quality medical care you can find.

Currently, I am having treatments to “color-blend” an ugly scar that resulted from surgery. After just one session, the redness was reduced and the scar appeared smoother and less noticeable. Next week I’ll go back for another treatment. Once again, AMA is making me feel better about myself and how I look…and offering hope. AMA is an amazing place — highly recommended!

I Love the Collagen Induction Therapy Treatments

by Lena S. at

Tricia, the receptionist, is so amazingly sweet. She is warm and welcoming–makes me feel comfortable coming here each and every time. Love love her!

Leila, the nurse,does my Microneedling Treatments and she is beyond awesome. I love the CIA treatment…And I love getting it done by her. She too, is so very warm and inviting. She makes me feel at ease, always making sure to check up on my comfortability or pain factor.

You may have to come for several sessions to see improvement with the CIA, but it is worth it. I think it may be even more beneficial rather than paying for costly laser treatments (if you have the patience) and if you have minor to moderate skin issues only.

The customer service here is excellent, thanks to those two amazing women! Thank you ladies!

$500 Co2 Fractional Laser Special… In a Word it was… Amazing!

I just experienced a $500 CO2 fractional laser special… In a word it was… Amazing!

The price… Other places that I called around to were all charging 2 to 3 times more for the same procedure. This made me a little skeptical at first but considering that I was referred by a friend this place it had to be reputable. So I scheduled a consultation and met with Dr. Milgrom.

The consultation… I walked in and was taken aback a bit at the beauty of their office. Feels more like an art gallery than a medical clinic. Later I was told that all of the art comes from patients of theirs. That’s pretty cool. Each person I met on their staff made me feel more and more like I was home while I waited for the doc. I didn’t have to wait for long before the doc came out, introduced himself as Asher, invited me into the consultation room and asked me “what would you like to learn about”. The best part of the consultation was that he listened to me. I never felt rushed or sold. He spent the time to answer all my questions and I came out of that consultation feeling like an expert in lasers and an expert in skin. I really liked that.

The treatment… I scheduled my treatment for a week later. I came an hour before my treatment to get numbed up. I met the medical director Dr. Pien who checked to see if I had any more questions. I did, and she answered them all. What a sweetheart. The staff brought me back to a room with giant massage chairs and a very peaceful ambiance. They applied numbing cream to my face which I was told would make it so I barely felt the laser treatment. Once the numbing cream was applied I sat back and marinated in the massage chair. Pure bliss. Once the numbing cream had taken effect I was taken back to the laser room. I laid back and let Dr. Pien work her magic. The treatment itself was nearly painless. 10 to 15 minutes later I was all done and ready to go.

The recovery… Was not bad at all. I pretty much looked like I had a sun burn which faded away within a few days. There was no pain. The only thing I could feel was the tightness. This I considered a good thing.

The results… I was pleasantly surprised. From what I know about lasers now it typically takes 2 to 3 treatments before you really start seeing results. So I was excited to see a difference after the first treatment. Can’t wait to have more. I saw a noticeable difference in the wrinkles around my mouth and eyes. Overall the texture of my skin is much better and my pores are smaller. I know it’s too early to be definitive but looking in the mirror I could swear that my skin in fuller and tighter.

The experience… Just fantastic. They really take care of you in every way. The entire staff is a joy to be around and you really feel like you get the individual attention you want and deserve.

An Excellent Value for the Superior Laser Service

I have been coming to Dr. Pien for about 3 years now on and off for skin care. She has a great staff. They are very attentive. She answers any questions about the laser procedures; which in turn educates her patients at the same time. Her expertise and the expertise of her staff is very reassuring that I came to the right place. Dr. Pien uses a holistic approach to lasers which gives amazing results. It is an excellent value for the superior service that you will receive.

I Have had Amazing Results with Every Laser Procedure

by Vanessa S. at

I have been going to AMA Skincare for over 10 years now and I absolutely love them. The staff is great and with every procedure I have had amazing results. I also really like there holistic wellness approach.

Dr. Pien and her staff’s services are superior they are very knowledgeable and have great expertise. They also make sure the customer knows exactly why they need the laser procedure that they need and leave the patient very educated! Love them.

Excellent Results, Professional Staff, Great Atmosphere

by andreago at

The laser facial treatments absolutely exceeded my expectations. I had NO idea that my sun damaged skin could ever look that good again. I get comments almost daily about how great my skin looks.

The procedure, the follow up, and the results were all first rate.

I wouldn’t hesitate recommending American Medical Aesthetics to anyone.

Best Skin Treatment in All of La!!!

by Nikki43 at

Look. I have been EVERYWHERE in this city… I’m a skin care junkie and will only go to the highest quality spas and/or anything to do with the face… it’s your face! It’s delicate and it should only be placed in the best hands. I was sooo impressed with American Medical Aesthetics… the staff is absolutely amazing and thorough and really care about helping you obtain the result you are searching for.

But beyond that, I had Collagen Induction Therapy(CIT) with them and the thoroughness and detail and attention I received while I was in the process of having this done to me was absolutely impeccable and the best treatment I’ve had in all the years I’ve gone to “four star spas and skin centers”. I’ve only had one micro needling treatment of the three I have purchased and can already see the improvement in my skin texture!! If you’re looking for results and amazing service, look no further than American Medical Aesthetics!!!

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