Patient Stories – SpectraLift™ Non-Surgical Laser Facelift Reviews

“After a few visits to AMA Regenerative Medicine and Skincare and my skin is super radiant, smooth & soft.”

What Our Patients Say about Our SpectraLift™ Non-Surgical Laser Facelift

AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare’s signature non-surgical facelift treatment, the SpectraLift™ is based on our unique medical philosophy that if you give the skin exactly what it needs to naturally regenerate, it will! With our unique, holistic SpectraLift™ non-surgical facelift, you are investing not only in your appearance, but in the health of your whole body.

I was Amazed at the Instant Results

by Bonnie M. at

“I was amazed at the instant results!”

In March, my lip lines had gotten out of control. When I looked in the mirror that’s all I saw, deep vertical lines between my upper lip and nose. The lines were deepest on my left side because that’s the side I sleep on the most.

After Dr. Pien did the treatment I was amazed at the instant results!   Took a picture right after the treatment because the difference it made was incredible.

I’m way overdue for another visit. My acne is out of control, sun spots, wrinkles and oh yes, the dreaded lip lines are back.  I’ll be scheduling another appointment soon.

I really like Dr. Pien and her staff. They are always very nice to me. Every time I’ve been there it’s been a great experience. I highly recommend AMA.

So Happy to Have Found this Magical Place

by Steven A. at

“True skincare artistry”

This is the place to go if your looking for true skincare artistry, the Doctors are masterful and the nurse is awesome, the whole staff is top notch!

You will not regret you treatment and outcome!

I am so happy to have found this magical place!

Zapped the Sun Spots Right Off My Face and Chest

“Zapped the sun spots right off my face and chest”

I had the SpectraLift and I’m so happy with the results so far. I HAD (past tense) loads of sun damage from years of running marathons with no sunscreen (woops) and my self esteem was taking a hit.

I researched lasers and treatments for 2 years before choosing AMA and am kind of an expert now. I chose them because they have every type of laser and could tailor my treatment for my skin and skin issues without being restricted to only one or two types of lasers. Plus Dr. Pien has so much experience I felt comfortable trusting her with my skin.

My whole experience was great. Dr Pien has a lovely bedside manner and she zapped the sun spots right off my face and chest. Looking forward to seeing my wrinkles fade as my new collagen builds (I’m only three weeks out today).

I will definitely be going back for another SpectraLift and would very highly recommend AMA for anyone with skin issues.

Thank you so so much AMA!! 

My Face Looked Much Better After Non-Surgical Facelift

by debra v. at

“Do yourself a favor and have a free consultation”

I have been to all the so called best doctors in Beverly Hills, Irvine, Laguna Niguel, and Newport Beach. I never actually had any treatments because besides the fact that I’m the biggest chicken, I always felt they were a bunch of sales people and never felt comfortable. When I stepped into AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare in Irvine, no one pushed me to purchase anything. The doctor sat with me for over an hour explaining all my options and it was my first time in a doctors office, where I never felt I was with a sales person.

I decided to purchase a series of SpectraLift Non Surgical Face Lifts and the morning of the first laser treatment I was terrified. I came very close to canceling the appointment. I asked to see Dr Pien before the procedure while I was waiting for the numbing cream to take effect. To my surprise she came right in and put me completely at ease. Never in my life had I met such a warm, caring doctor. She put me at ease immediately and talked me throughout the entire laser procedure while she was lasering my face.

It hurt way less than I thought and was very tolerable. My face was swollen and I looked horrible, but went everyday to the hyperbaric oxygen chamber in their office. Everyone was so nice, I felt like they were my family and I wished I could just move into their office. My face healed up and looked much better in a week and now I’m anxious to have the last two treatments. Do yourself a favor and have a free consultation with AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare in Irvine because it’s a waste of time to go anywhere else. The doctors and the staff here are the best. I will be a client for life.

Keep Your Skin Radiant and Young Looking

by Erin S. at

“Keep your skin radiant and young looking”

This is the second review I have ever written and the reason why I felt the need to let people know that AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare is best in not only skin care but overall well being. You put your trust in someone to help or fix whatever skin problems you may have or just want to keep your skin radiant and young looking, and that is almost impossible to find these days.

I have been ripped off and lied to from other places time after time. If you want honest, knowledgable, caring, affordable, I could go on and on! I promise you, AMA is the only place I will ever go for my skin care and overall wellness. The BEST out there! They do more than just skin care!

Thanks for reading! You won’t be disappointed!

Don’t be Afraid of Laser Treatments if you Have Dark Skin

by Unique M. at

“Start the journey to greater confidence and healthier skin”

I’ve been getting laser treatment from AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare for a few years now, and I am an African American woman with a darker skin tone. It’s been a process for me but a very pleasant process.

I love Dr. Pien and the personalized service she gives me each time I’m at her office. The staff is amazing and it’s a wonderful atmosphere to receive treatment. If you have a dark skin tone no matter your ethnicity you don’t have to be afraid of laser treatments. Over the years the laser treatments I’ve received from AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare have not harmed my skin at all they have helped with correcting discoloration.

I definitely recommend AMA Skin Care to anyone looking to start the journey to greater confidence and healthier skin.

After 2 Laser Treatments my Skin is Super Radiant and Smooth

by Bach H. at

“My skin looks so healthy”

After a few visits at AMA Regenerative Medicine and Skincare, my skin is super radiant, smooth & soft. I’ve had two laser treatments on my face here… let me just say that yeah, they hurt a little… but no pain, no gain.

I’m in my early 40s now and I would be bold enough to say that I have 20 year old skin. Be prepared to peel up to five days after the procedure. And then make sure to protect that supple face from the sun.

My husband says my skin is so soft to the touch. My friends think my skin looks amazing. People who don’t know I’ve had laser just compliment that my skin looks so healthy. So, yes! I’m a believer in AMA and all its abilities. I’m confident I will be a lifelong client, as well. Thank you to the staff. They are not only competent, but very sweet & friendly. I almost feel like family when I come in for a visit.

Complexities of Multi-Racial Skin and Laser Treatments

by Lorna F. at

“Smooth, flawless skin!”

I met with Dr. Asher before my wedding for a free consultation. I am always cautious about my skin because many physicians don’t understand the complexities of multiracial skin or hair. Not only did Dr. Asher take the time to explain the preferred laser treatments for me, he was able to decipher my ethnicity and allay my fears about the outcome.

I opted to wait until after the wedding to have the Spectralift Non Surgical Face Lift treatments because of the potential sun damage on our honeymoon. I have every confidence that I will look younger, more vibrant and have smooth, flawless skin! I can’t wait!

My Fantastic Skin After a few Laser Treatments

by Melissa M. at

“My skin is looking fantastic”

I went to AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare for a free consultation after seeing my friend’s results after only a few treatments and after reading all the reviews on Yelp. I am so happy that I did it was worth my drive from San Diego. I meet with Dr. Milgrom for about an hour where he educated me on the Spectralift Non Surgical Facelift. I was shocked that the doctor took the time to educate me (as opposed to his nurse) and didn’t charge me anything!

He answered all my million questions, introduced me to the latest and many laser technologies they have to offer combining medical and holistic wellness approach. I have had a few laser treatments so far and my skin is looking fantastic thank you to Dr. Pien. She is so nice and really takes her time and let me know what each laser is doing and what to expect to feel from each one. I am a control freak so I like to know what is going on! She has such a healing energy and gentle hands – pure magic.

Not only does AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare have two wonderful Dr.’s, but their staff is truly amazing. SO accommodating and knowledgeable they take their time with you to insure that you have the most wonderful visit from the moment you walk into the door to the second you leave. I have been recommending AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare to all my friends since I walked out their door the first time!

Makeup-Free After SpectraLift™ Non-Surgical Facelift

by Susan M. at

“The results are outstanding”

I just finished receiving laser treatments here. I did the SpectraLift Non-Surgical Facelift and got a package with other services. The staff was fabulous. Well versed in the services they provide and caring about being sure all my questions were answered.

The results are outstanding. I had red in my skin that if I didn’t wear make-up people thought I was sunburned! Not anymore. I’m makeup free (accept for eye makeup ;-).

The price was very reasonable for the services performed and this is what they do. Laser. Lots of different laser. If you are considering any kind of laser treatment, why not check out a place that specializes in laser!!

After Just One Treatment I Already See Such a Huge Improvement

by A J. at

So so so happy I went to AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare for my first ever laser treatment. Being my first time I was very nervous but the staff and Dr. Pien made me feel much more comfortable after talking me through the process and reassuring me during the treatment. After just one treatment I already see such a huge improvement in my skin. I will definitely be back. Yes it’s a bit of a drive from San Diego but it’s worth it!

Dr. Pien is an Amazingly Talented Laser Surgeon

by Susan T. at

I am delighted at the results of the 2 QDI treatments. This was a birthday gift to myself. Over the years I have had success there with botox and filler but I wanted really wanted was to look more rested, skin tighter and have a more even tone on my face. The idea of trying to add health from the inside out was very appealing. Dr. Pien is an amazingly talented person. Asher Milgrom was great in guiding and educating me while making my decision. I can not say enough about the entire staff. The care is wonderful and they make sure you are happy and comfortable. I have had two facials in the last few months by Michelle and she is just terrific and takes the time to help me figure the best skincare/regime for me. I am not one to spend on these types of treatments but find everything I have done there has been well worth the expenditure and reasonable when compared to all the other places and things I have tried in the past.
Thank you, AMA one and all!

Felt it was time to update my review and tell everyone, it IS as wonderful as ever. Dr. Pien, Tracy and all the staff are down to earth and as caring as ever. No matter what the treatment is Big or Small my experience is alway EXCELLENT!


My Skin Looks Fresh and Vibrant

by Tonya M. at

I am 45 years old and after having grown up in Southern CA have been increasingly seeing the effects of sun damage and general skin aging (sun spots, thinning skin, loss of volume). I was referred to AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare through a dear friend who had done a series of the SpectraLift Non-Surgical Facelift treatments with Dr. Pien. Her skin tone and texture were beautiful and she said it had not so been a few years back and that it was directly because of the laser treatments she had done with Dr. Pien.

My friend is very careful and thorough in researching doctors, procedures, etc. and invited me to join her on an appointment for her first ever facial filler. The office was inviting and spa-like, and the staff very professional. I loved Dr. Pien from the moment I met her, she took time to carefully answer all questions and explain everything in detail as she went along. Equally important to both my friend and I was that any procedure we do (laser or filler) is that the results look natural and don’t draw attention that something particular was “done” — simply that we look rested and fresh.

I have now been a patient of Dr. Pien’s for 3 years and absolutely LOVE her, her staff and Dr. Asher. I trust them and have done both the laser series and facial filler. The results are natural and my skin looks fresh and vibrant! I was in to see her just last week and 2 days later was complimented while in line at a restaurant by a twenty-something gal who told me (without my having any make-up on) what great skin I have!

I have even brought my teenage son in for acne treatments, as I trust them with his care. His skin has markedly improved. I really cannot say enough about AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare and the wonderful care they provide.

I am thrilled to have found Dr. Pien and I highly recommend!

Best Non-Surgical Facelift in Los Angeles

by spetrizzio at

AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare is the best laser results I have ever experienced.

I had very sun damaged skin. Blotchy, broken capillaries. I have tried photo-facials, IPL, Genesis and micro-dermabrasion and only the SpectraLift Non-Surgical Facelift evened out my skin tone, reduced my pore size, removed all the broken capillaries, sun spots and over-all improved my skin greatly.

I am 52 years old and look much younger due to Dr. Pien @ AMA. All the staff are exceptional, caring, informative and the facials are also the best I have ever had.

I have sent my friends there and they are equally pleased. I cannot recommend AMA enough. It is the best my skin has looked in many years.

Finally Getting Rid of Sun Spots and Uneven Skin Tone

by trekk at

I have known these highly professional and classy practitioners since 2006. They are the real deal with laser in terms of finally getting rid of sun spots, uneven skin tone and overall care of your skin. They have the CP8 (SpectraLift Non-Surgical Facelift ) laser which is rare for any dermatologist to have. After having spent literally thousands elsewhere, the only place to go is AMA.

The staff is fantastic – Tricia, Tracie, Michelle, Dr. Pien and Dr. Milgrom. I always feel like I accomplished something really big as people notice my skin and I have actually been stopped on the street as well as in line in markets to ask why my skin looks so great…..and I am 50 so that feels fantastico!

Look no further…these people are the total real deal …they also have hyperbaric oxygen, botox, juvederm and all the other goodies if you just want to go that route. Conveniently located and down to earth…you will love Dr. Alice Pien when you meet her….she is just so special as a person and a doc.

Thanks and I am so glad you guys are in my life!

I Hardly Wear Makeup and Look 10 Years Younger

by tiffany r. at

If I could point to one single thing that has helped my appearance, made me feel confident about my skin, and generated the kind of results and compliments that you normally only see on commercials, in magazines or in the really, really hopeful part of the back of your mind, it’s the laser treatments I’ve received at American Medical Aesthetics.

The staff is so well-trained and are such experts, that you feel comfortable putting yourself in their hands immediately; they take the “scary” out of lasers because they explain everything in such great detail that you feel you could almost do the treatment on yourself. The value of the services FAR exceeds the cost. And the results? They’re truly astounding. I know that it sounds ridiculous to say that getting a treatment for my skin was a life-changing thing, but that’s what it was. I look in the mirror and don’t see any of the things that once were an issue.

I’ve had a series of their SpectraLift Non-Surgical Facelift treatments, and now I hardly have to wear makeup, look ten years younger, and get carded when I walk into bars.

I can’t say enough good things about them. Please go!

I Literally do not Have to Wear Makeup After Laser Treatment

I used to have discolored skin on my face with some areas lighter than others. I always covered it up with makeup but because of constant use of makeup, my skin started to age early. Bumps, large pores, fine lines, and a rougher name a few.

Going in to receive a laser treatment on my face was a tough decision to make.

1. I have never had one before;

2. You have no idea what to expect, and

3: You never know who you will have the privilege of having your skin treated by… but I figured: I either sit and watch my skin get old, or I take all my chances and go in, hoping for the best.

Well, it’s been about a year since then, and my skin looks phenomenal!!! I couldn’t believe my own eyes after the laser, and I kid you not – you literally DO NOT have to wear makeup whatsoever after these SpectraLift Non-Surgical Facelift treatments. My skin looks porcelain clear and extremely soft, and has absolutely no blemishes…I no longer wear makeup, and in modern world men happen to admire that about women…

I can’t stop bragging about how fantastic Dr. Pien is and can’t thank her and the entire staff enough for changing my life!!!

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