Patient Stories – Video Testimonials

As physicians and healers, we are responsible and privileged to first help our patients establish an alignment between their mind and heart, before their body gets involved.

We are humbled and honored to have cared for so many patients.

Integrative Skincare


Mina – My Experience with Laser Melasma Treatment

“Hi I’m Mina, I am a dentist. I had a hyperpigmentation problem of my face that hit me after menopause…

Dr. Pien worked with me to the point that I have no makeup on right now. Now I feel very confident, I can walk around without makeup on. I actually don’t wear foundation anymore The fact of the matter is, Dr. Pien will get down to the bottom of your hyperpigmentation problem and she will fix whatever you need to have fixed.”

Acne Scars

Christina – My Acne Scar Treatment with Subcision and Stem Cells

“I came to AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare because I searched far and wide all over Orange County and Los Angeles for someone to help with my acne scars. I tried pretty much everything but nothing really seemed to help…

… I feel like the stem cells have helped a lot. I feel less self-conscious and actually feel like I can smile again and not feel embarrassed because of the scaring. It’s been a big thing for me.”

Laser Hair Removal

Uche Uba – How I Got Rid of the Ingrown Hairs on my Face

“I came here because I had some ingrown hairs on my face. When you have curly hair and you cut it off really low, when they grow back they can cause these ingrown hairs, these razor bumps that are so painful…

… It was so good. I’m a changed man. What they have done here with their ingrown hair treatment, as you can see, is get me back to that baby smooth skin.”

Page originally published on March 20, 2015. Last reviewed on November 26, 2022 by Alice Pien, MD and Asher Milgrom, PhD.