For over 18 years we have specialized in Integrative & Laser Medicine. Our expertise includes a broad spectrum of treatments for cystic acne and skin. From conducting our own independent research to utilizing well established conventional acne therapies. We have explored the use of virtually every applicable technology, from the most expensive and sophisticated medical lasers, to the simplest and most “natural” remedies for acne, with which we have administered over 65 thousand treatments.


The first key to understanding why teens get acne is that poor exercising and eating habits are not the cause of teenage acne. No, while diet can make things worse for people who get acne, those french fries and chocolate did not cause those darn acne pimples. Similarly, while not exercising and poor hygiene are definite contributors to poor health, washing your face too much or not getting enough exercise also does not cause teenage acne.


Basic Scientific Background of Acne Explained:

For those who desire a basic scientific background on acne, the following series of articles will bring you up to speed with scientific accuracy but with the ease of common language and metaphor. Effective treatments for acne are discussed in earlier articles in this series.


Acne occurs inside hair follicles, which appear as pores at the surface of your skin, and which may also grow hair.


Before we dive into the science behind hormonal acne and period acne, let’s briefly touch on genetics. Is acne genetic?

Given that almost everybody suffers from some degree of acne, our genetic endowment is almost irrelevant. We have treated many teenage patients whose parents did or did not have it, and whose siblings did or did not, and vice versa. Even patients who happened to be identical twins living in the same home and eating the same food had completely different experience with acne.


The best home remedies for acne are as simple as changing your diet and watching what you eat. There are foods that are good for fighting acne and foods to avoid because they are known to cause acne. There are also many vitamins that are very good for the health of your skin and are a great way of how you to get rid of acne.

Do you have Food Intolerances? As discussed in the following series of articles on the Basic Science of Acne, “Food Intolerance” and its associated “Leaky Bowel Syndrome” can have a powerfully negative impact of your overall health and wellbeing.


Acne… The “human condition”… Today we are going to talk about how to get rid of acne.

It is stunning to recognize how different life has been for individuals throughout history and how different it still is today for people in different places around the planet… Throughout time and space only a few things in common seem to affect everyone. Death, taxes, the opposite sex drives us bonkers, and acne.

That’s right, even the ancient Egyptians and after them the Greeks had special skincare lotions to help them deal with lousy skin and acne.

The demise of Accutane and its numerous side effects


The Controversial Wonder Drug, Accutane, has seen its demise.

After years filled with thousands of personal injury lawsuits due to its numerous side effects, Accutane has proved to be a relentless legal burden for its manufacturer, Roche Holding AG. Unable to strategize for the future to keep Accutane as a leading competitor in the market, Roche made its final decision to pull the drug from the U.S. market in July of 2009.