From a physiological perspective, beauty is manifest when physiological systems are functioning properly, producing the maximal amount of physical life energy.

From a mental perspective, beauty is manifest when thoughts are directed, purposeful, flowing with ease and alacrity, can flexibly modify directionality, are aware of and expansive of the dimensional properties of context.

From a metaphysical perspective, beauty is manifest in the fulfillment that is the consequence of unadulterated manifestation of purpose.

From an emotional perspective beauty is manifest in the abundance and boundlessness experience of joy.

From a spiritual perspective, beauty is manifest in the experience of the unity of all things.

From an aesthetic perspective…. All of the above.

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They look like small flats of hanging skin and are more common than you imagine.

Although not dangerous or painful, skin tags, scientifically known as acrochordon or fibroepithelial polyps, are a source of discomfort. That is why so many people are eager to get rid of them as soon as they develop. Before learning how to remove skin tags safely and painlessly, here are just a few of the questions about skin tags and what they are all about that we are going to answer in this post:


What are Skin Tags?

Repost of an article originally written in 2006 (Just imagine how much more sophisticated the technology and the techniques have become since then!)

It’s been said that a working journalist must have thick skin but I never thought this expression had literal meaning. Now that I am officially middle age, I am eager for a dermatological laser face lift thickening of my skin, even, as my heart grows softer with age. Unfortunately, as time marches on, my Scandinavian skin is destined for its ancestral tissue-paper fragility.


It has been said before that “Wrinkles are a roadmap of your life.”

Well… I’m not sure I want to live my past every time I look in the mirror. I prefer to live in the present with healthy, beautiful and happy skin!

One of the most famous fashion designers of all time was the first to bring to light the topic of wrinkles and aging. Coco Chanel stated that “nature gives you the face you have at twenty.


Wondering where all that collagen went? As we age, our skin’s ability to produce collagen diminishes. And depending on our lifestyle proclivities, from too much sunning to unhealthy habits like smoking or poor diet, collagen breakdown can leave us weathered, wrinkled and sagging.

There are many different treatments available that claim to boost your collagen and reverse the signs of aging. But which of these collagen treatments actually work? Read below to discover what works and what doesn’t.

Foods are a huge part of dictating how we look and feel on the inside, which is a direct reflection of how we look on the outside. 

Top 5 Foods that are Good for Your Skin

Making sure that you are working hard to dictate your own beauty and health in the new year is why we put together this list.

#1 – Seafood = Calm and Moisturized Skin

Active components: Omega-3 fatty acids and zinc

Healthy Skin Benefits: Calm and moisturized skin

Most of us have heard that fish can be really good for our overall health but it is also one of the best foods for healthy skin.