One of the give-away signs of aging is when the skin on your face sags below your jaw-line and causes “Jowls”. There are two primary reasons that this may happen.

  1. Around the age of 40, our skin stops making collagen. The collagen matrix of our skin (in the dermis layer) is what makes our skin so strong, yet elastic, stretchy, resilient, lifted, toned, full and tight. Really, much of what makes skin youthful and sexy is the collagen in your skin… how much do you have and what shape is it in. Inevitably, when you lose collagen in your face, gravity starts pulling your skin down, and it will sag below the jaw line becoming a Jowl.
  2. As we approach 50 years old and beyond, many people start losing fat from under the skin. When this happens, it’s like deflating a basketball… your skin will sag and droop … causing jowls under the jawline. Bottom line, with excessive fat loss, the contours of your face collapse, often emphasizing the boney structures of your skull underneath.

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Once upon a time…. the skin on our face was tight and toned, and our cheeks proudly proclaimed to the world

“I am healthy, and filled with vim vigor and vitality”

Then one day our cheeks start getting loose and sagging… our jaw line loses its sharp contours… hanging jowls begin to appear, folds around our mouth deepen, marionette lines frame our chin that proclaim to the world…

“gravity is in charge of my face”!