Laser Skin Tightening

Natural skin tightening & rejuvenation.

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Our multiple-modality approach delivers superior skin tightening results that are completely natural, long lasting and real.

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What is Laser Skin Tightening?

Before I get started explaining how to tighten skin and what laser “Skin Tightening” actually is, we need to make sure you understand what laser “Skin Tightening” is NOT.

Laser skin tightening is NOT plastic surgery

Laser skin tightening is NOT plastic surgery

In a nutshell, laser “skin tightening” it is NOT plastic surgery. During plastic surgery, excess or saggy skin can be pulled and stretched tight around a person’s face, neck or appendage, after which the excess skin is then removed (cut away and disposed of) and the newly stretched skin is then stitched into its new location.

Thus, though it may look like the loose skin is “tighter” it actually is not tightened, rather it is stretched and relocated or repositioned. As you can imagine, this can be quite traumatic to the skin.

What Laser Skin Tightening IS

On the other hand, laser “skin tightening” is when the loose skin itself is internally tightened, as if it were a knitted sweater and its internal weave of fibers are now more tightly woven together than before. This kind of “skin tightening” is real, and is due to an internal strengthening of the skin’s collagen matrix that is in the dermal layer of the skin.

Strengthening the skin’s collagen matrix is how to tighten skin with laser skin tightening

Strengthening the skin’s collagen matrix is how to tighten skin with laser skin tightening

Let me explain how to tighten skin:

Younger skin has a tightly woven matrix of collagen

Younger skin has a tightly woven matrix of collagen

Getting back to the analogy of a knitted sweater, the skin actually does have an internal weave of fibers called collagen. When we are young, our collagen fibers are woven into a densely packed and tightly woven matrix that gives our skin it’s lift, tone, elasticity, resilience, fullness and strength. Pretty much, youthful sexy tight skin is all about your collagen. The more of it that you have, and the better shape it is in, the better and tighter your skin will look and feel.

Tightening Up the Collagen Matrix

When we age, and especially with excessive sun exposure, our collagen matrix begins to fall apart, and the fibers in our skin become loose and disconnected. This deterioration causes our skin to thin and weaken, resulting in looseness, sagging and wrinkling.

The good news is laser “Skin Tightening” treatments are procedures that reverse this deterioration, and cause our collagen fibers to tighten up once again, and remodel into a tightly organized and densely packed weave of fibers. That is how to tighten skin naturally!

The even better news is that “skin tightening” laser treatments are non-surgical procedures and are typically non-invasive, very safe, require little-to-no downtime and are relatively inexpensive. 

How Laser Skin Tightening Works

Using an RF device to tighten the skin on a patient's face

Using an RF device to tighten the skin on a patient’s face

Over the past 20 years, during which we have performed over 65,000 procedures, we have found the best way to tighten skin. Most patients respond best when multiple technologies are combined together in customized protocols that maximize the skin’s ability to tighten, remodel and regenerate collagen. We call this a “Multiple Modality” protocol, and there are important scientific reasons why such treatments are proving to be the most effective in many areas of medicine.

Technologies that have proven effective for skin tightening are specific types of lasers, RF (Radio Frequency) devices, ultrasound devices, and a treatment that uses tiny little needles called “micro-needling”, or Collagen Induction Therapy.

The Science of Skin Tightening

The foundational principle is that such protocols interact with more elements of a patient’s physiology than any single modality. This is particularly important in laser skin tightening, because there are a number of different physiological functions that are involved in creating and maintaining a healthy collagen matrix: generating new collagen, remodeling collagen, repairing damaged collagen, and contraction of collagen.

Each of the laser devices that we would use in a combination laser skin tightening protocol would be particularly effective at stimulating one of these natural physiological functions, thus ensuring that all the needed functions are stimulated and the patient’s skin responds with the most robust response possible.

Tighten Skin Anywhere

Another important dimension of the multiple-modality approach is that any skin on the body, in any condition can be treated. The protocols are designed to be customized specifically for what that particular area of skin needs, such as:

Generally speaking a series of 3 to 5 laser skin tightening treatments at approximately 8-10 week intervals will do the trick.

A Physiological Process to Tighten Loose and Saggy Skin

Lastly, we developed these multiple-modality protocols, because they are the best way to engage in a precise way, as many elements of a patient’s physiology as possible.

Therefore, our approach to medicine is a physiological and holistic approach, wherein we do everything we can to work through the body’s natural physiological processes and resources to tighten loose and saggy skin.

In the case of skin and how to tighten skin, this scientific approach achieves results that are not only superior, but completely natural, long lasting and real. Your skin not only looks younger and healthier on the outside, it really is younger and healthier on the inside as well.

Authored by Dr. Asher Milgrom | Reviewed by Dr. Alice Pien | Last updated: