A Mind, Body, Spirit Approach at AMA


In contrast to cosmetic surgery, the purpose of AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare’s unique protocols is to restore the physiological health, youth, vitality and beauty of your skin. We do this by working holistically with the natural mechanisms inherent in your physiology’s unique, purposeful design.

For us, this is more than just smart science and good medicine, for it embodies three seminal mind/body/spirit principles:

  1. To honor the purpose inherent in how our tissues are designed.
  2. To invigorate, stimulate, revitalize and work with (rather than against) the natural processes that produce health, youth, vitality and beauty.
  3. To engage the minds and spirits of our patients in this process, as well as their bodies.

Whether one uses the word “Source,” “Spirit,” “Life,” “Nature” or “God,’” we at AMA Skincare believe that all things are created with purpose. In nature we see how every life form can’t help but manifest its purpose, revealing the unfathomable mystery and utter perfection of its essential design. At all levels, from outer skin to inner organs, right down to cell membranes, DNA, molecules, atoms, electrons and subatomic particles, everything about life at every level is a synchronous symphony of purpose – effortlessly and perfectly expressing itself.

In trying to fathom this kind of exquisite design, consider that the human body comprises 100 trillion cells, and every one of these cells simultaneously and perfectly performs 15,000 essential biochemical reactions every second. Thus, in order for you to take your next breath 15,000,000,000,000,000 different activities must work together in perfect harmony in every single second! What is the probability that you could exist for even one second, without an underlying purpose that animates, coordinates, synergizes and synchronizes all this activity?

As human beings, we are uniquely endowed with consciousness of this purposeful design, physiologically as well as spiritually. Spiritually, we are designed with the irrepressible instinct to search for meaning and purpose in our lives. Physiologically, we know instinctively when we are in alignment with the purpose of our bodies’ internal design. We can feel the difference between eating junk food and proper nourishment, between breathing in fresh meadow air verses cigarette smoke. And though there are times when cosmetic surgery is truly the best available option, we instinctively know that cutting up our tissues, repositioning them or artificially altering them, can damage our bodies, diminish our spirits and warp our psyches.

Finally, we believe that an essential spiritual power (God) is not only the source of the design of our bodies, but of all aspects of our existence. Thus, just as utilizing medical protocols that manifest the purpose of our physical design produces rewards of health, vitality and beauty, so too are our lives rewarded with extraordinary meaningfulness, fulfillment and joy when we take a parallel path in our actions and behaviors to manifest the purpose of our spiritual design.

We believe that this higher power has purposed the existence of each of us, both physically and spiritually. Regardless of what your individual calling or beliefs may be, we celebrate our patients’ spiritual journeys as they draw nearer to living their spiritual purposes in life.

May you be animated by the experience of God’s purpose in your life every day, and may you manifest it with effortless perfection.

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