Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy


We recommend Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy after every laser treatment, to speed healing, regenerate collagen and boost immunity. You’ll relax deeply, and emerge re-energized and glowing!

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?


Breathing pure oxygen inside the chamber

Breathing pure oxygen inside the chamber

Imagine lying in a comfortable cocoon as a soft, soothing blanket of life-giving oxygen gradually envelops you. If you’ve never experienced hyperbaric oxygen therapy, or HBOT, you’re in for a real treat. Oxygen inhaled under pressure is dissolved in all fluids of the body, so it’s more efficiently absorbed into all the body’s cells, including those in the skin. That’s why we recommend it after every laser treatment, to speed healing, regenerate collagen and boost immunity.

Both curative and preventative, this amazing, holistic modality has been bringing a panoply of benefits to our patients for years, including improving many skin disorders, chronic headaches, fatigue, depression and much more. Enjoy it anytime for renewed energy and better health!

Many are familiar with hyperbaric pressurized dive chambers used to save the lives of scuba divers who’ve gotten the “bends” after resurfacing too quickly. The hyperbaric oxygen chamber recreates the underwater pressure so that rapidly depressurized nitrogen in the diver’s blood will not cause life threatening and painful embolisms. For most of us, this is the extent of our knowledge.


The hyperbaric chamber is pressurized

The hyperbaric chamber is pressurized

HBOT stands for hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Hyperbaric means increased atmospheric pressure. At sea level, with the entire earth’s atmosphere of air above our heads, we live at an average pressure of 14.7psi (pounds per square inch) or 1 atmosphere. By breathing pure oxygen in a moderately pressurized hyperbaric chamber, dramatically increased amounts of oxygen are safely delivered to all tissues in the body – even to places that have restricted blood flow or blockages. Although the history of hyperbaric oxygen therapy goes back to 1662, it wasn’t until the 21st century that HBOT finally began to emerge as a major medical therapy, both curative and preventative, producing considerable overall health improvements.


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been used worldwide for over fifty years in the prevention and improvement of debilitating conditions, and in the enhancement of overall health. In a vast number of documented cases, HBOT has produced remarkable and miraculous benefits for a wide variety of serious medical conditions. HBOT has also been clinically proven to produce a more efficient immune system, rapid regeneration of cells, and works as a potent anti-aging therapy. The oxygen you breathe at increased atmospheric pressure allows every bodily fluid, including the fluid in tissues, blood, lymph and even cerebrospinal fluid (surrounding your spine and brain) to absorb the life giving gas, which dissolves in the same way CO2 dissolves into liquid to make soda. Once these fluids are “supercharged” with oxygen, there is an increased oxygen supply to all the body’s systems and organs. You’ll witness peak wellness, peak energy and peak mental acuity. Healing from virtually every illness and even surgeries will occur faster and more extensively. You’ll discover amazing, restful, rejuvenating sleep and, with continued treatments, you’ll experience the anti-aging benefits of this certified and proven longevity therapy.


Hyperbaric oxygen chamber

Hyperbaric oxygen chamber

There is no downside to HBOT. No negative side effects. You may experience a temporary popping in your ears as a result of the changing pressure identical to the experience of flying. HBOT sessions are comfortable and typically leave one with a sweet lingering sense of well-being. Most therapies will include a modestly increased pressurization to approximately 1.5 atmospheres, like swimming to the bottom of a pool. Pressurization is gradual and relaxed, allowing plenty of time to equalize your ears. The chamber is cozy and equipped with pillows.

Most people have a deliciously nourishing nap. Others read or listen to music.

Not all doctors recommend hyperbaric oxygen therapy, but not because it isn’t beneficial. They simply have no training or knowledge of the documented results in treating serious problems such as strokes, heart attacks, infections, burns, difficult wounds that won’t heal, poisoning, Multiple Sclerosis and AIDS, to name just a few. And the list keeps growing as the benefits become apparent.


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is not a temporary fix. Case histories demonstrate that the process is cumulative, producing progressively more dramatic results with continued use. Children with severe autism, ADD, cerebral palsy, and even the totally handicapped, see remarkable progress in muscle control and brain function. Stroke and heart attack victims leave the hospital in half the time, and many return home instead of enduring long term care in nursing homes and rehab. Multiple Sclerosis patients have had the course of their disease significantly improved with HBOT treatment.

Joe Namath discusses his experience with HBOT for Traumatic Brain Injury

Brain scan before and after hyperbaric oxygen therapyBrain scans show marked improvement in functional cellular activity in areas of trauma that were previously non-functional. The increased atmospheric pressure while breathing pure oxygen allows this life-giving elixir to reach affected cells. Because oxygen inhaled under pressure is dissolved in all fluids of the body, it’s more efficiently absorbed into all the body’s cells, including the various tissues that make up skin. Accordingly, HBOT promotes the growth of collagen (the foundation of firm new skin) and encourages the accelerated turnover of epithelial cells.  

One of the more spectacular uses of HBOT, recognized even by conventional American medicine, is its powerful detoxification benefit. Thus, given that your skin is not only your single largest organ but also plays a major role in detoxification, and given that toxins in your body definitely show up as skin blemishes and discolorations, imagine the aesthetic benefits to your skin when your body has been detoxified.

Bottom line, from skin to bone and from infections to relatively healthy tissue, healing takes place three times faster with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. While HBOT isn’t a miracle cure, it’s noninvasive, safe, works well with other treatments and has a growing body of documented studies that prove it helps people achieve better health and live longer with more comfortable and productive lives. It just makes you feel better!


The history and documented cases of successfully treated conditions with hyperbaric oxygen therapy are compelling. The list will continue to grow as more centers open in this country and as medical doctors become familiar with its merits. The conditions mentioned above have experienced varying degrees of improvement depending upon the condition’s accompanying factors.