Ozone Therapy – Patient Success Stories


Last Reviewed on October 20, 2022 by Alice Pien, MD & Asher Milgrom, PhD

Ozone molecules floating around.

The ozone molecule (O3) contains three oxygen atoms.

For US patients who encounter it for the first time it’s an interesting and curious treatment, because it seems so simple, natural and effective, that one wonders why so few US doctors use it.

As the clinical evidence for the effectiveness of Ozone Therapy is gaining recognition, there are now several clinics throughout the country that are having remarkable results treating complex skin conditions such as Disseminated Superficial Actinic Porokeratosis and psoriasis as well as chronic complex infections. The preferred method of administering Ozone Therapy is intensive intravenous (IV) ozone protocols.

Though ozone is powerfully effective when administered as an IV, it has a similar effect when infused directly into body cavities, called “insufflation”. (rectal/colon, vaginal, ears, sinuses, bladder.)  In each of these cases, the ozone treats localized infections, and supports an accelerated healing of the inflamed tissue. 

Bottom line, Ozone Therapy is safe, natural and works physiologically to eradicate all sorts of infections and boost your overall health and wellbeing. Below are just a few of our Ozone Therapy success stories. 

Ozone Helps Eliminate DSAP and Brain Seizures

Watch the video : Scot’s Ozone Therapy success story

Scot was the victim of a serious accident that necessitated brain surgery and left him with crippling seizures 5-7 times every day.  To say that his quality of life was severely degraded, is a huge understatement.  

Dry, scaly, brownish lesions covered Scot's legs and arms

Dry, scaly, brownish lesions covered Scot’s legs and arms

To add insult to injury, right about that same time 8 years ago, he also contracted an unsightly skin disease that caused ugly red blotches all over his legs and arms, due to a condition called DSAP (Disseminated Superficial Actinic Porokeratosis). According to the myriad of Dermatologists he consulted, DSAP has no cure and worse yet, conventional medicine doesn’t even offer any treatments. He says “his life was broken” and he became a “shut in”, as he could not venture from his home and go out in public… That is, until he found AMA Regenerative Medicine and Skincare.

Thanks to a chance meeting with a stranger with whom he connected through the network of people afflicted with the same DSAP, it so happened that this man had been cured of his DSAP at AMA, and just as serendipitously, Scot’s hope for his life was rekindled. 

To make a long story short, miraculously, all of the health and disability issues that robbed Scot of his quality of life began to recede after just two session of High Dose Ozone Therapy, also known as 10-pass ozone treatments. Each session lasted about an hour, sandwiched between a 100 mile taxi drive to and from his home.  After 10 sessions his seizures completely stopped and his DSAP was 50% healed.  After the 20th session, he was a new man. 

Even his stuttering, also caused by the brain trauma, completely disappeared. Scot now has his life back.

Scot’s Ozone Therapy Success Story

“I had really desperate seizures until a year ago, and the ozone aided in stopping that. I haven’t had a seizure in months. I had five a day for five years. So that’s huge.”

How long did it take for the DSAP to go away?

“I’ve done 2 packages of the 10-pass Ozone Therapy and that required a drive once or twice a week from Palm Springs to Irvine. I wouldn’t have done it were it not for the very dramatic effects. Ozone hyper-charges your body’s healing process.”

When did you start seeing the positive effects?

“I saw effects in a week. But the healing took maybe three months for my spots. I’m a little hesitant about the seizures, because while I had seizures, I had a bad brain injury – I had a bad concept of time and space. With ozone, all my faculties have gotten better, I know I am sharper. But I had very bad damage… And nobody offered any help at all even though I went to doctor after doctor.

At an AA meeting, a guy sitting next to me said, ‘You have the same thing I do!’ I hadn’t heard anybody who did. I said, ‘Yours are gone and I have done everything.’ He told me about AMA Regenerative Medicine and ozone. It was so random.

After 3 months of Ozone Therapy Scot's DSAP Lesions are gone

After 3 months of Ozone Therapy Scot’s DSAP lesions healed

I anguished to the point where I didn’t want to go out, with seizures, I couldn’t go to concerts, movies. The healing from the high dose Ozone Therapy is stunning. I feel healthy as an ox. I haven’t felt this good since I was in my 30s. From having these crippling seizures and now be able to hike, which was especially dangerous with a person with seizures, and to work out daily and swim. I can’t thank doctors Alice and Asher enough.

I am a savvy Stanford MBA, I’ve got a good head on my shoulders generally, but how to find these esoteric things – really remarkable. The seizures were undiagnosed, they called them autoimmune, the diagnoses on my chart was Psychogenic Nonepileptic Seizures, they were only ideas. And when I went to see Asher, he was so certain. It was expensive and time consuming doing this, but again I am so very grateful. You can imagine, all the way from the humiliation of saying, they were all in my head, but it was just remarkable.

So now, a few months out, I notice the spots haven’t returned. Every time I look down and see the shadows, it makes me want to cry. I was ashamed to go outside, and between the seizures and these spots, I felt broken. So it was such a dramatic turnaround. I told the doctors I really wanted to let that be known because the chances of me sitting next to a guy at an AA meeting who noticed and had the guts to say something. It was two rounds. Drs Pien and Milgrom were so supportive.” “BTW, Dr. Asher makes the best coffee!”

Scot was told by the best dermatologists in the country that his DSAP was incurable…

“This disorder I had DSAP, Disseminated Superficial Actinic Porokeratosis, there are a large number of people that have this same disorder. You’re expected to live with it… all the way to your grave.  It’s in one of those rare disease, rare disorder categories, so no drug company is going to spend money on that.”

How long did it take for the ozone to begin working?
Scot receiving "10 pass" Ozone Therapy

Scot receiving “10 pass” High Dose Ozone Therapy

“It definitely took time for the DSAP to be completely gone… about three months.”

Can you describe what the 10-pass high dose Ozone Therapy is like?

“It’s probably most analogous to a blood transfusion and they couldn’t be any nicer there. It’s not painful at all. What I was aware of was having a needle in my arm at two hours at a time, that’s not fun but it didn’t hurt.

The assumption that your malady is a local affliction, like skin, or sinus etc., is simply wrong. Until you start treating the body – Ozone Therapy treats the body. It’s really remarkable. The more responsibility the health care provider has to heal you, the more they will be attracted to Ozone Therapy, because it does heal you whereas drug therapy  is allopathic, you treat the disorder, but then it manifests somewhere else.

I didn’t go there for my seizures, I went there for my DSAP. You can apply medicines all your life, but as Dr. Milgrom said, there’s this fundamental change where you enliven your mitochondria. The ozone prompts the mitochondria in the cells to produce more ATP which is the building block of restoration.”

– Scot

Ozone Healing from Lyme Disease

Watch the video : Randy’s Ozone Therapy success story

As an avid mountain biker, Randy picked up a tick and contracted Lyme disease three years ago. After years trying “everything” to help his condition, he says he found an answer in the 10-pass ozone treatments at AMA and commutes almost two hours each way to AMA’s Irvine office.

The 10-pass itself is also a lengthy process, but the time he’s investing to heal from what this disease has done, has been worth it for Randy, giving him a quality of life back that Lyme took away. Ozone has helped him so much, he’s been able to go back to mountain biking, and other things he enjoyed doing pre-Lyme Disease.

Randy’s Ozone Therapy Success Story

Randy went back to mountain biking following his ozone treatments

Randy went back to mountain biking following his ozone treatments

“I contracted Lyme three years ago. I’ve been suffering ever since. I’ve done a lot of reading and found out I could get relief and help kill spirochetes by the use of ozone. It’s been very helpful, very helpful with my symptoms, which is fatigue, brain fog, neuropathy in my left leg.

I trust this process, I trust this is doing a great job at keeping the Lyme at bay and I’m working toward healing. I particularly believe in the 10-pass machine because so much ozone is being delivered to my body and I haven’t found any place else that has this machine and I’m a firm believer in ozone and it’s healing properties.”

What’s the biggest difference you’ve noticed since doing the ozone?

“I’ve tried just about every imaginable healing modality, everything. I believe in ozone because it seems to reduce my symptoms, bottom line, at the end of the day. And particularly brain fog, which is the worst of the symptoms. It seemed to reduce my memory. I have felt in a fog often. That’s been reduced, the symptoms in my leg have been reduced.

I feel like I have definitely better energy, I’ve gone back to some of the things I was doing prior to Lyme. I’m back on my mountain bike, riding again. I water skied two weeks ago. I’m doing things I wasn’t able to do prior to getting ozone. It’s a long drive and it’s worth the drive.”

– Randy

Ozone Heals Joints – Frozen Shoulders, Tears, Sports Injuries

Watch the video : Scott’s Ozone Therapy success story

Since ozone helps the body’s immune system, it escalates healing, helping the body promote it’s own healing from within. That includes the many patients who travel to AMA for ozone to help heal their joint issues, muscle tears, and old and new sports injuries.

Since ozone isn’t always an overnight fix, it means often more than one injection, as well as maintenance shots down the road might be needed to maintain the healing that it has helped create in the joints.

Scott is a body builder, trainer and contractor. After years of lifting heavy weights and objects, it got harder and harder to do his job, it was difficult to lift things. Besides shoulder issues, he also had problems with his joints and with walking. The pain he had is now gone due to ozone treatments.

Scott’s Ozone Therapy Success Story

“Ever since I’ve been getting the treatments, they’ve been helping me and giving me more mobility and able to lift heavier things that I struggled with. I want to continue coming for treatments because I really believe that they’re helping me.”

Where have you gotten the ozone injections?
Scott receiving an ozone injection into his back

Scott receiving an ozone injection into his back

“I’ve been getting injections in my shoulders, back, my ankles, places I’ve destroyed over the years, and with my physical job.

Getting them in my shoulders has given me the ability to go back and train and lift, doing military press, squats, calf raises. Not a lot of weight, but before I couldn’t do them at all.”

Did you notice a difference right away?

“I noticed a difference right away, but more noticeable as time goes on. My pain is much less – to nothing. My strength is better, my agility is better.

I was struggling walking and ever since I’ve been getting them in my ankle, it’s giving me more mobility in my ankle. When I had gone to doctors, all they wanted to do was to fuse my ankle, which gave me no mobility at all. Since the injections, it’s given me better than 60 percent, when I had only 40 percent in walking ability.

In my shoulder, I had no movement except every time I did move, it would hurt, and since I’ve been getting the injections, it’s been much better. I have a lot more movement and I’m able to do a lot more things. ”

Would you recommend the ozone injections to others?

“I’ve recommended it to many of my friends who have had similar situations with their joints and they’ve also come in and had very good results as well. I recommend to anyone to try this before they go and have surgery done, because surgery may not be the option, but the ozone may be a better option. It’s less painful and better recovery time.”

– Scott 

Ozone for Hearing Loss and General Health

Watch the video: Ron’s Ozone Therapy success story

At 85 years young, Ron relies on ozone to stay healthy and help his hearing – throwing away his hearing aids after six months of Ozone Therapy. His sage advice for others is that Ozone Therapy does take time, it’s not overnight, since our chronic health issues don’t crop up overnight, it would also make sense it would take some time for them to completely be eliminated.

Ron’s Ozone Therapy Success Story

“I’ve been getting ozone for some time. I look at it as a healing agent and I also look at it as anti-aging. The more you know about oxygen, it’s the heart beat of life. I did my own research.

Ron receiving "10 pass" High Dose Ozone Therapy

Ron receiving “10 pass” High Dose Ozone Therapy

My program with the Drs. Pien and Milgrom is I go once every two weeks and I get a 10-pass which is 10 times they take a liter of blood out and they mix it with ozone and they put it back in.

I’ll be 85 next month. I go to the gym everyday, I’m a golfer, tennis player, ballroom dancer. My goal is to live the longest life possible with good quality. The corner stones of my program is good diet, good exercise and hyperbaric oxygen treatments and ozone. I also receive umbilical stem cell therapy at AMA 2 to 3 times each year. These stem cells go to wherever the healing is needed. Oxygen and ozone go to your whole body and livens up the cells.”

On ozone insufflation for hearing loss…

“I also do ozone insufflation which is directly in my ears and I did some sinuses to clear up chronic sinus infections.  Amazingly my sinus are fine now. I am now focusing on ozone for my hearing and the ozone helps hearing loss. For years I used hearing aids and now after Ozone Therapy… I threw them away, I no longer have to use them. Inside your ear you have these little hair follicles. I was in the military and I was around heavy machinery and gunfire. Every time you hear an abrupt sound, it damages the hair in your ears and I am rehabilitating that with ozone.”

How long did it take before you started feeling a difference?

“After a couple months, when I was doing it once every two weeks. You’ve got to patient. Nothing’s right away. The damage you didn’t get that overnight and you won’t get rid of that overnight. To get to where to I am now without using hearing aids, that took six months.”

– Ron 

Ozone Insufflation to Eliminate Chronic Sinus Infections

Watch the video : Allen’s Ozone Therapy success story

Allen came to AMA for treatment of his chronic sinus infection that wouldn’t go away. Because it kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi, and also reduces inflammation, ozone is highly useful in managing upper respiratory infections, acute and chronic sinusitis, and allergic nasal and sinus symptoms. The procedure is very simple and very safe.

Ozone in low concentration is drawn up into a syringe, and pushed into one nostril while the other nostril is compressed. Both nostrils are then compressed for about ten seconds. The patient then breathes out through the nostrils, expelling the ozone. 

Allen’s Ozone Therapy Success Story

Allen receiving an ozone injection into his sinus cavity

Allen receiving an ozone injection into his sinus cavity

“I came to AMA Regenerative Medicine for treatment of my chronic sinus infection.  Over the last eight to 10 years I’ve been suffering from chronic sinus infections. The infections all stemmed originally from my perennial allergies so everyone seemed to think that, that is what was causing the infection and there wasn’t anything that could be done for it other than load me up on steroids and antibiotics. Then over the last three years the sinus infections just continued to get worse and worse and I wasn’t able to get any kind of reprieve.

Then someone told me about Ozone Therapy so I came to AMA Regenerative Medicine to give ozone a try. I had ozone injections into my sinus cavities as well as did ozone insufflation directly into my nose.

After just a couple of weeks the ozone injection and insufflation treatments have made a tremendous difference. I can breathe through both sides of my nose again. I can actually sleep through the night. I had all kinds of issues trying to sleep. There would be three to four nights a week that I couldn’t sleep because of the constant drainage from the sinus infection. That’s gone. Because of the constant drainage I always felt sick to my stomach. That’s gone.

The ozone treatments have been a miracle for me.”

– Allen

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