Our Place in the World

Alice Pien, MD

Alice Pien, MD

We are often contacted and queried about our expansion plans.

We are told that: “What you do is so advanced, rare and valuable, you should dominate the medical market!”

Our Thoughts About This

  1. We are not interested in dominating anything… let alone dominating the market… rather… we are interested in contributing to the market.
  2. Domination necessarily involves competition… we are not competing with anyone… rather… we are contributing to everyone.
  3. Domination implies force… and we are not interested in “getting anyone” – let alone “forcing anyone” to do what we want them to do. Rather we are invested in helping people do and get what they want.
  4. Our metric is not competing with others… rather we are inspired and motivated internally by improving the quality and value of our own work, time over time, one project to the next, one patient at a time.
  5. Therefore, we are dedicated to providing the most valuable educational assets we can for all people who are in search of the kind of medicine we practice.
  6. We are not interested in dominating, convincing, or selling anyone… rather… we are devoted to contributing to everyone’s knowledge, understanding and appreciation of their amazing human physiology.
  7. We are not interested in chasing people… rather, we are focused internally, making the most valuable and sweetest honey we can… knowing that those in search of the best will find us.
  8. Neither we or our patient “have to do this”… rather… “we get to do this”. Therefore, when we serendipitously find each other, we dance in joy, until the purpose of our engagement has been fulfilled.

Our Sacred Privilege to Engage with People

We recognize God’s unfathomable design in human physiology, and we acknowledge our sacred privilege to engage with people on the sacred, miraculous platform.

We have no words to adequately express our gratitude as we strive to Honor God in everything we do.