Traditionally, in Western Medicine “health” is defined by the absence of disease, or the absence of the markers and symptoms of disease. In other more ancient traditions such as Chinese medicine, beyond the absence of symptoms, “health” is defined as the presence of “vitality”, more specifically, the abundance of vitality. Thus, the mere absence of symptoms does not make you “healthy”, it simply makes you “not sick”. To be truly and vibrantly healthy you must experience vitality and wellbeing.

In Integrative and Regenerative Medicine, “health” is better defined by the latter definition… a robust and properly functioning physiology that enables you to live in a state of wellbeing and vitality.



Imagine if someone told you that there is a cure for herpes, diabetes, Lyme disease, lupus, MS and many more diseases considered to be incurable life-sentence illnesses by conventional medicine. Wouldn’t you be overjoyed? What if you found out that there are treatments for cancer that are 1000% more effective than conventional treatments? What if you found out that many of these therapies have been available for some time but that the “powers-that-be” such as the FDA, “big-pharma” and insurance companies shut the door on these “alternative cures”?