SpectraLean Non-Surgical Laser Lipo


Hurray! The two dragons of aging youthfully and beautifully are finally tamed! No longer do you have to look older than you feel because of: 1) sagging, wrinkled skin, and 2) stubborn bulging fat.

What is the SpectraLean Non-Surgical Laser Lipo Treatment?


What AMA Skincare’s proprietary SpectraLift does for your skin, our SpectraLean™ fat removal protocol does for the stubborn pockets and layers of fat anywhere on your body. Utilizing a proprietary combination of state-of-the-art non-surgical laser lipo technologies, your own physiology is engaged to naturally eliminate the fat that has been staring back at you in the mirror and driving you crazy.

Banish them forever!Non Surgical Laser Lipo

  • Saddle bags
  • Bra strap
  • Inner thighs
  • Muffin top
  • Belly bulge
  • Bat wings
  • Mommy tummy
  • Fat neck
  • Fatty “pecs” for men
  • Love handles
  • Double chin

To achieve this we have successfully integrated 4 advanced non-surgical laser technologies with synergistic efficacy.
In a nutshell, this is how the protocols work:

  1. Breakthrough RF technology painlessly heats your adipose tissue (fat cells) to the precise point at which their internal “turnover clock” is triggered. This is called “apoptosis” whereby a sequence of natural cellular mechanisms instruct the cell that it’s productive life cycle is completed and it’s now time for it to say goodbye and die. Note: All our cells naturally die and are replaced with new cells, a process called “cellular turnover”. In this case, we stimulate fat cells to die a natural death without being replaced with new fat cells. Apoptosis is a gradual process that takes 3-4 weeks to complete.
  1. A second advanced RF technology disrupts the membranes of the fat cells, causing immediate death of the cells. This is called Electropoesis.
  1. A third breakthrough technology utilizing low level laser energy stimulates the targeted adipose cells to release the stored fat as if you were starving for food. In this way your body’s natural ability to tap into stored fat reserves is being stimulated exactly in the areas you need. This technology causes the fat cells to immediately shrink, but does not harm them.
  1. Subsequent to the application of all three exceptional technologies the fat stored in the adipose cells is released as liquid “fatty acids” into the interstitial space surrounding the cells called the “extra cellular matrix” (ECM).
  1. The fatty acids are then transported by your lymph system to the blood where it travels to other organs where it is utilized (burned) as energy (metabolized). This is especially important in the liver where much fat metabolism occurs.
  1. To ensure maximal results, the SpectraLean non-surgical laser lipo protocol uses additional combinations of other advanced medical sciences to stimulate your lymph and liver: These include PRM (physiological Regulating Medicine), Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Kinetic Lymphatic Stimulation and high potency vitamins.
  1. In the case of patients with cellulite, Collagen Induction Therapy with Rotational Acupuncture may also be employed.
  1. In cases where the fat removal leaves you with sagging skin, we have other advanced laser protocols to tighten your skin.

Lastly, along the way there are things every patient must do to ensure the success of this program.

  • Stay hydrated – or your lymph won’t flow
  • Eat a sensible low carbohydrate diet – otherwise you are working against your own success. This fat removal protocol is not an excuse for binging at the local donut house!
  • Exercise – to burn the fat that is released from those ugly bulges – or the fat will find some other place to get stored on your body

Don’t worry, we will give you all the needed guide lines and help you stay on track.

The results are simply fantastic. As 10-12 weeks pass you will enjoy a progressive reduction in the bulging fat you are lugging around in all the wrong places, and an equally dramatic reduction of inches…. revealing your leaner “true-figure” that was hidden underneath.

SpectraLean Nutritional Support

With The SpectraLean High-Tech Medical Equipment, Why Do I Also Need A Meal Replacement Program?

The reason is simple. If you are eating more calories than you are burning, your body will convert the calories into fat. Remember, we are not artificially removing the fat from your body as in surgical liposuction, we are working with your physiology to get rid of unwanted stubborn pockets of fat naturally and holistically. The SpectraLeanTM technologies cause the release of targeted fat from where it is stored thereby making it metabolically accessible to be eliminated by turning on the “fat burning physiology”. On the other hand, if we are eating too much, we will be turning on the “fat making/storing physiology”. Bottom line, if you don’t burn the fat once it is released, it will simply find a new place to be stored on your body.

Therefore we must do two critical things to encourage your body to burn the fat once it is released: 1) Reduce the overall calories you are eating (especially the carbohydrates); and 2) Exercise right after each treatment and daily during the course of the treatments.

The nutritional products we use are an important part of our state-of-the-art fat-loss program – the Mars Venus Super Foods Program. This program is safe, highly-effective and clinically-proven, developed through intensive clinical-based research. More than just a meal replacement, the Mars Venus Super Food contains a proprietary mixture of nutritional supplements and minerals that activate the fat burning metabolism. This program is simple and comfortable and after the SpectraLeanTM protocol has “reshaped” your body, you can use this program for weight management for life.

We believe that John Gray’s Mars Venus Super Foods products are hands down the best available. The scientific thinking behind them is light years ahead of everything else on the market and the ingredients are far and away the best available.

Why Are People Overweight?

With few exceptions, the body stores fat when you eat more food than your body can use for energy. People tend to eat until they feel satisfied because feeling hungry is very unpleasant and most people have little tolerance for a gnawing pit in their stomach. This makes typical diet programs very tough because they all leave you feeling so hungry. The first thing that will impress you with the Mars Venus Program is how satisfied you feel while you cut back significantly on your carbohydrate intake. The reason for this remarkable effect is that our program takes advantage of breakthrough discoveries in the science of satiety – this is the science that seeks to understand all of the factors that lead to appetite control and a sense of fullness and satisfaction after eating.

What You Need To Know About This Program

In its simplest form this program consists of taking a full serving of the Mars Venus Super Food along with PGX® twice per day (usually breakfast and lunch); a small snack such as an apple or a couple of carrots between meals and a light, low calorie meal for supper. If you get a reasonable amount of regular exercise and avoid overeating, it is very likely you will be successful at eliminating the fat you are targeting with our SpectraLean protocols, because these products are proven to control appetite and prevent hypo-glycemic food cravings.

PGX® (PolyGlycopleX®), The Hunger Control Breakthrough (Satiety)

A unique advantage of our nutritional program stems from the breakthrough product called PGX (PolyGlycopleX). PGX was achieved through many years of comprehensive laboratory and clinical studies, involving thousands of participants conducted at a number of universities around the world in collaboration with the Canadian Centre of Functional Medicine. PGX meets the highest safety standards, and has GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status. It is backed by studies that have been published in peer reviewed journals. PGX is a proprietary complex of natural water-soluble indigestible polysaccharides (fibers) that has unique and desirable properties. Firstly, when added to liquid, PGX absorbs many times its weight in water. When used in a meal-replacement shake, PGX creates a smooth texture that is pleasant to drink. Over the next 2 hours, PGX continues to thicken and expand as it absorbs water that you drink. This keeps your appetite under control for several hours by providing a sense of fullness. The viscosity (thickness) and expansion achieved by PGX is greater than any other fiber product ever studied reducing appetite and carbohydrate cravings dramatically.

In addition to its amazing volumetric properties, PGX improves blood sugar regulation and the release of insulin. Most people who are overweight have a condition known as insulin resistance, which causes dramatic fluctuations in blood sugar levels, along with intense craving for carbohydrates. PGX stabilizes blood sugar levels, which dramatically reduces food cravings and thus helps with fat loss.

If you are insulin resistant, your pancreas has to release excessive amounts of insulin after meals because insulin is not working as well as it should. It is now known that insulin resistance, and its accompanying elevated insulin levels contribute to hypoglycemic craving for carbohydrates, excessive fat storage, as well as an elevated risk for the development of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and triglycerides, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Other diets (such as the Atkins and the South Beach diets) attempt to lower insulin levels by severe carbohydrate restriction. Severe carbohydrate restriction can indeed lower insulin levels, which may result in diminished cravings and more efficient short-term fat burning. However, severe carbohydrate restriction is not a healthy long-term weight management solution because most people eventually develop unmanageable carbohydrate cravings, and they end up gaining back more weight than they lost. As well, fruits, vegetables and whole grains all contain valuable nutrients that should be part of a healthy diet.

In contrast, the our program takes advantage of the many healthful effects of PGX, a healthy soluble fiber that can be taken every day for life to greatly reduce appetite, eliminate hypoglycemic cravings and promote efficient fat burning by diminishing insulin resistance and lowering insulin levels. As well, PGX lowers the level of other important appetite hormones while lowering cholesterol and providing healthy fiber for better colon health.

What To Expect From PGX

Although PGX is a powerful natural health product. Because it has such volumetric (expanding) effects, it will take a few days to a week or so for most people to fully adjust to this large amount of fiber. Initially a few people will experience some degree of gas, loose stools or diarrhea. If these symptoms are too disturbing, simply cut back to ½ recommended dose until symptoms subside and then gradually increase the dose. In most cases bowel symptoms will diminish and then resolve over a few days to a week or so as your body becomes accustomed to a larger volume of fiber. Almost all of us need more fiber so your body will benefit greatly from PGX and it can be safely used by most people for their whole life. It is also very important to never neglect drinking plenty of water while you are taking PGX. Remember, PGX absorbs large quantities of water and it will dehydrate you if you don’t drink plenty of water.

Preparing And Using Mars Venus Fat Loss Meal Replacement With PGX

The Mars Venus fat loss program is usually taken twice per day and a lower carbohydrate regular meal is eaten once per day. Most people choose to take the product for breakfast and lunch, and then eat a normal (but low carbohydrate) supper. But those who tend to overeat in the evening, it may be best to take the meal replacement for the evening meal and have a normal, (but lower calorie meal) for lunch. Low carbohydrate snacks can be eaten between meals if needed. PGX is usually made up with water as directed (followed by additional water to ensure proper expansion of PGX occurs and to avoid dehydration). Once mixed, the meal replacement product thickens fairly quickly. Therefore, the product should be consumed quickly or it should be made up as two half servings and consumed separately if you are unable to drink it quickly. Alternatively, PGX can be mixed and placed in the refrigerator for 30 to 60 minutes to form a delicious appetite quenching pudding. Some people find that the pudding has an even greater appetite-reducing effect than taking it as a drink. SlimStyles Weight Loss Drink Mix with PGX tastes even better when made up with a mixture of water and skim milk or soy milk (rice milk is not recommended because of high sugar content), but just be aware that weight-loss may be slower because of extra calories consumed. Half a serving of PGX can also be added to plain yogurt to make a delicious treat or to oatmeal for a fantastic breakfast. These variations are acceptable if extra calories are to be burned through vigorous exercise. Once weight loss goals have been achieved, PGX should be used at least once per day as part of your long-term weight management strategy.

Who Should NOT Use

  • Anyone who cannot compensate for a large water intake, such as someone with renal disease or congestive heart failure.
  • Anyone who is taking a large number of medications that must be taken with food and/or without food, unless advised by their physician.
  • Anyone who has difficulty swallowing, including people with gastrointestinal disorders, and those with esophageal stenosis, or pre-existing bowel abnormalities such as GI strictures or impaired mobility, as they may be at risk for esophageal or intestinal blockages or obstruction. Such people should consult their GI physician before use.
  • Pregnant or lactating women should discuss PGX use with their OB physician.


  • If you are under the care of a physician for any sort of condition, consult with her/him about this program.
  • Since PGX slows the rate of food absorption, it may do the same with medications. Oral medications should be taken one hour before using PGX or two or three hours afterward.
  • People with diabetes should monitor their blood sugar levels regularly when using PGX. It may lead to a reduced need for diabetes medications. Report your findings to the supervising physician.
  • Do not take PGX immediately before bed to ensure proper digestion.
  • If you experience chest pain, difficulty swallowing or breathing, or vomiting after taking this product, seek immediate medical attention.
  • This information is provided for educational purposes only, and is not intended for self-diagnosis or self-treatment of conditions that should be assessed and treated by your health care practitioner.