Physiological Regulating Medicine (PRM)


Unlock your skin’s natural detoxification pathways with Physiological Regulating Medicine (PRM), and reclaim vibrant, glowing health for both your skin and your body. 

What is Physiological Regulating Medicine?

Addressing the underlying physiological causes of:

  • Dysfunctional cells
  • Malfunctioning organs
  • Degrade or health
  • Cause debilitating symptoms
  • Destroy our vitality
  • Injure our skin
  • Destroy our beauty

What restores our organs also restores our skin to vibrant health and beauty!


  1. Physiological detoxification (metabolic detox)
  2. Physiological regulating medicine (PRM)
  3. Eradicating chronic infections
  4. Mitochondrial regeneration
  5. Stem cell therapies
  6. Oxygen therapies
  7. Laser medicine
  8. IV therapies


To successfully treat any part of you, from brain-fog to damaged skin, we must address the underlying state of your physiology. That’s why at AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare, we practice a physiological approach to amplify cellular function, heal damaged organs and regenerate new tissues to achieve optimal health, vitality and beauty from the inside out.

When the issue is your skin, in addition to our unique laser protocols such as the SpectraLift non-surgical facelift, we use PRM to provide a holistic method of unlocking the skin’s natural detoxification pathways that clears years of accumulated environmental and internal stressors. The result is radiant skin glowing with health, and often the alleviation of painful chronic physiological conditions. Developed in Europe four decades ago and rooted in 300 years of exacting clinical observations in homeopathy and homotoxicology, PRM reprograms the body’s three regulatory systems – Neurology, Endocrinology and Immunology – while relieving organ-related symptoms and detoxifying or draining extra-cellular tissues. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to achieve optimal, vibrant health for both your skin and your entire body, and reclaim the youthful energy you thought was gone forever? An Integrative Medicine approach with our 8 physiological technologies, including PRM you can!


Before we dive into this section, you might be wondering why we even address issues of physiological health when your primary concern is skincare and aesthetics.

As you may know, perhaps the most unique element of AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare’s proprietary protocols is our use of lasers physiologically, meaning we use them to precisely interact with your skin’s natural physiological processes, engaging them in the transformation of your skin. Bottom line, your skin has remarkable regenerative capacity, and our goal is to stimulate your skin’s physiology to function as it did when you much younger. For AMA, beauty is NOT skin-deep, but based on physiological health and vitality much deeper on the inside, which makes your skin young and beautiful on the outside.

While most people know that their skin is their single largest organ, most don’t understand that it is also their body’s most important detoxification organ, and that your skin directly reflects the overall health of all your other organ systems. Simply stated, it’s impossible to have fantastic skin that looks great on the outside if you’re not healthy on the inside.


There was a time when your skin radiated youthful vitality, health and beauty. Before aging, loss of collagen, sun damage, lifestyle stresses and toxins took their toll.

How would you like to regenerate your own natural collagen, lifting, toning and firming your skin – returning it to what is was in your youth? PRM has the “physiological keys™” to “unlock” or turn back the clock on your natural collagen producing mechanisms, taking years off your face, naturally.

How would you like to get rid of your unwanted fat and cellulite deposits, and have the smooth firm belly, thighs, arms, chin and neck of your youthful athletic body? PRM has the physiological keys to unlock your own natural fat burning metabolism, facilitating the conversion of fat into energy and giving you a reason to dig out the clothes you haven’t dared to wear for too long.

How would you like to have the radiant clear skin you used to admire in the mirror? PRM has the keys to unlock the natural detoxification of your skin, clearing out years of accumulated environmental and internal stressors, which will leave your skin radiating health, purity and vitality.

How would you like this amazing science of physiological transformation to give you back youthful stamina and energy, mental brightness, robust digestion, revitalizing sleep and consistently elevated mood? How about relieving the symptoms of PMS, perimenopause, menopause, asthma, enlarged prostate, arthritis, achy joints and debilitating allergies?

These are just a few of the long list of conditions for which PRM offers an effective and natural solution. For years, people have come to AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare from around the world to benefit from our renowned and unique multiple-modality protocols that utilize state-of-the-art lasers, as well as vitamin, oxygen, ozone and stem cell therapies that physiologically transform skin to a state of youthful health and beauty. Now, with the synergistic integration of physiological regulating medicine, the results of our proprietary treatments are more effective than ever. So, while you’re here for aesthetic medicine, why not also get the rest of your organ systems on the PRM pathway to feeling and being as healthy and vital as possible? After all, your skin cannot be its healthiest and most vibrant without the rest of your body participating.


Would it shock you to know that only 5 out of 100 people are truly healthy? If that seems hard to believe, consider this: While you may not be suffering from the identifiable symptoms of a recognized disease, the mere absence of symptoms is miles away from being truly healthy.

In traditional western medicine, a person is classified in one of two categories:

  • Sick if you have a disease (sick – with symptoms)
  • Healthy if you don’t have a disease (not sick – without symptoms)

But is that really an accurate picture?

Under the care of western medicine, if you’re one of the unfortunate “sick” individuals suffering from a diagnosed “chronic” disease, you’re likely to be trapped in an endless cycle of increasing doses of drugs that threaten to consume your life. From an irritable bowel to asthma, arthritis or simple hay fever, tragically what is most typically absent in standard western care is any hope of actually becoming healthy again, let alone a viable strategy to make that happen. Very little if any consideration is given to how and why you got sick. What might be new to the reader is the fact that all the symptoms a person experiences when afflicted by a disease are created when something in our physiology goes “out of whack” (with the exception of conditions caused by an external source). Western medicine does not focus on the causes of your errant physiology leading up to the appearance of symptoms. It focuses instead on suppressing your symptoms once they’ve appeared. This suppression is accomplished by overpowering your physiology with pharmaceutical drugs, rather than trying to understand and correct the reasons your physiology went “out of whack” to begin with. The equation is simple: patient X has a problem in his physiology which causes symptom Y, for which drug Z is prescribed in order to suppress symptom Y. Unfortunately, drug Z often causes its own list of symptoms (side effects) for which additional drugs will be quickly prescribed, and the slippery slope just gets steeper and steeper. What is painfully missing is addressing why a patient’s physiology developed the problem to begin with, and then correcting it at its source through natural means, which is the focus of the physiological approach found in Integrative and Regenerative medicine and why we use technologies such as PRM.

If, on the other hand, you’re one who belongs to the “not sick” – without symptoms” group, the question is: are you truly enjoying optimal health? When was the last time you had the energy of a 10-year old playing at 110% from the moment you bounce out of bed until the minute you effortlessly slip into deliciously rejuvenating sleep seconds after your head hits the pillow? Or is your day better characterized by a cranky start after unsatisfying sleep, followed by your choice of caffeine and/or sugar stimulants, a variety of daily aches and pains that have you reaching for the pain meds, mental fatigue, irritability and stress?

Remember, traditional western medicine will place you in one of those two categories: “sick with symptoms” or “not sick, without symptoms.”

In contradistinction to western medicine, oriental medicine categorizes the human state of physiological well-being into three groups:

  1. Sick : person with symptoms
  2. Not sick : person without symptoms, but far from vibrantly healthy
  3. Optimally healthy

What is fundamentally different about this perspective is that in order to understand into which category a person falls, a deep understanding of the physiological conditions specific to each individual in a particular category is imperative. And, even more importantly, this level of physiological insight™ allows the doctor to directly engage the patient’s inherent physiological processes in order to gently move them from “sick with symptoms,” to “not sick without symptoms” and ultimately to “optimal health.” In this scenario, symptoms are not artificially suppressed by overpowering the physiology with drugs. Instead, they disappear because the underlying physiology has returned to balanced health (homeostasis)”

From a philosophical perspective, western medicine focuses on studying “disease states” defined by the symptoms of that disease. Consequently western medicine understands “health” as the absence of disease. However, given that western medicine does not focus on health in its own right, it simply doesn’t understand what true health really is, nor does it have the tools and strategies to promote it.

It is into this context that AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare is pleased to introduce you to the concept of Physiological Regulating Medicine (PRM), which teaches doctors the modern science of physiological insight™, employs a holistic approach of physiological engagement™ and that utilizes the tools of physiological keys™ comprised of state-of-the-art scientifically developed homeopathic formulations that engage the patient’s own physiological resources to bring him or her naturally back into balanced health (homeostasis).

At AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare, we are renowned for our unique multiple-modality protocols that utilize state-of-the-art lasers, and vitamin, oxygen and ozone therapies to physiologically transform your Well- Being (including your skin) back into a state of youthful health, vitality and beauty. Now, with the synergistic integration of 8 powerful physiological strategies, PRM, Mitochondrial Regeneration, Stem Cell therapies, and Physiological Detox systems, and eradication of systemic infections, the results of our proprietary treatments are more effective than ever.



PRM has a very long and venerated history rooted in 300 years of exacting clinical observations in the medical science of homeopathy and homotoxicology. During the past 30 years, under the auspices of the European Congress of Physiological Regulating Medicine, GUNA Inc, (an Italian research and homeopathic pharmaceutical company) and combined with many high level scientific studies conducted by some of the best universities in Europe, an advanced scientific dimension has been added to classical homeopathy that includes all aspects of western medicine, advanced physiology, biochemistry, microbiology and cellular biology.

PRM methodology combines three fundamental aspects:

  1. Reprogramming of the three regulatory systems of human physiology: neurology, endocrinology, immunology
  2. Relief of any organ related symptoms
  3. Detoxification or “drainage” of extra cellular tissues


The human body is comprised of approximately 100 trillion cells, each of which is performing an astounding 17,000 precise biochemical reactions every second. At every second of every minute, every cell is waiting for instructions of what physiological functions to turn on or off.

These instructions are created and performed by the three systems that regulate our physiology: the neurological system, the endocrine system and the immune system. Each of these systems utilizes messenger molecules to carry the instructions. Our neurology utilizes neuro-peptides such as dopamine, serotonin and epinephrine; our endocrinology utilizes hormones such as estrogen, testosterone and insulin; and our immunology utilizes cytokines and lymphokines such as interleukins and interferon. Our cells have receptors specific for each of these messenger molecules. When the messenger molecule binds to the matching receptor, the cell carries out the intended precise physiological instructions.

When any one of our regulating systems malfunctions even slightly, cells simply don’t function correctly, and loss of organ function ensues, which can lead to a disease state. Consider asthma for example, which is caused by an imbalance of two primary immune cells, Th1 and Th2 and their respective messengers. A treatment that rebalances these two immune cells will restore health to the patient, without having to suppress asthmatic symptoms with drugs for the rest of the patient’s life. PRM treatments are engineered to do exactly that, with scientifically derived homeopathic formulations that have no side effects or adverse reactions.


When a particular organ is manifesting symptoms, such as asthma for example, PRM provides natural homeopathic formulations to bring that organ’s functions back into balance. This rebalance takes a few weeks to achieve however, during which time PRM formulations will also provide relief of the organ symptoms to ease the patient’s recovery. All this is accomplished with natural homeopathic formulations that cause no side effects, rather than overwhelming the body’s physiology with synthetic drugs that suppress the symptoms and cause many negative side effects. Thus, PRM treatments engage the body’s natural physiological mechanisms to restore proper functioning of the affected organ, and the symptoms consequently disappear because health has been restored.


For the successful transmission of any message, three distinct actions must take place:

  1. The message must be created – like writing a letter
  2. The message must be delivered – like the postal service that transports the letter
  3. The message must be received – the intended recipient of the letter must take delivery

In human physiology, any one of these steps might be faulty. However, according to the “physiological insight™” of PRM, it is the second step, the delivery of the message, that is virtually always compromised by the toxic conditions that persist within the extracellular matrix (ECM). The ECM is the watery gelatinous substance in which human cells are suspended. In essence, every cell is surrounded by and floating in it. Comprised primarily of water, collagen and large molecules made of proteins and polysaccharides, it’s classified as part of human connective tissue that provides structural support to the cells of our organs. It also serves as a depository, wherein substances can be stored, such as growth factors.      

However, the storage ability of the ECM also gives it the capacity to store toxins, which can reach high enough concentrations to disrupt the normal movement of critical molecules in and out of the cells. For example oxygen, cellular nutrients and regulating messenger molecules are constantly moving through the ECM on the way into the cell, just as CO2 and metabolic waste are constantly on the way out of the cell into the ECM. The lymphatic system is charged with the job of clearing the ECM of metabolic waste that is excreted from cells. However, when toxic levels in the ECM are too high, movement of molecules is bogged down, causing cellular functions to degrade, representing the beginning stages of organ dysfunction that can eventually lead to chronic disease. Thus, deliberate and precise detoxification of our ECM is critical in avoiding disease and achieving optimal health and is a seminal component of PRM therapy.

Starting at the deepest level of our cells and proceeding to the ECM, followed by the lymph, and culminating in the liver and kidneys, this PRM “detoxification cascade” ensures that our ECM is “clean” so that our physiological mechanisms can function properly.


PRM formulations are designed to:

  1. Relieve symptoms (making breathing easier if you have asthma)
  2. Eliminate the underlying cause of the disease (fix the source of the problem so asthma disappears)

The scientific paradigm inherent in the design of PRM remedies is this: that the underlying causes of a disease, or its etiopathogenesis, should be reflected in the actual structure of the remedy. Thus the PRM remedy will contain components that address every stage of disease evolution, from the first hints of an imbalance to the final appearance of full-blown symptoms.

Every PRM remedy will act on 5 different levels:       


(See above)


(See above: Reprogramming of Regulatory Systems)


Vitamins, minerals, micro-nutrients, and most importantly, homeopathic micro-doses of Krebs Cycle salts and quinines, activate the mitochondria to induce the highest level of ATP production to energize the cell. Mitochondria in all cells are responsible for producing ATP, which is the biochemical fuel that cells use to live. Without ATP, our cells would die within a few minutes, and so would we. Thus, making sure that the mitochondria have all the nutrients and chemical substrates needed to keep the Krebs Cycle churning and producing abundant ATP, is extremely important.


Once the cells’ mitochondria have what they need to create abundant ATP, the cell also needs nutrients – or the chemical building blocks – of the many compounds that it must make in order to fulfill its purpose for being a part of your body. For example, the fibroblast cells in your dermis need lots of ATP so that they have sufficient energy to synthesize lots of new collagen for your new young face. Once the ATP is present, the fibroblast cells also need the basic components – or ingredients – of which collagen is made in order to generate all the collagen you need.


Using a synergistic combination of naturopathic ingredients, classical homeopathic remedies and messenger molecules of our regulatory systems (see above), PRM treats the affected organs by reducing inflammatory processes that induce symptoms.

PRM formulations work at homeopathic dilutions, tiny doses mirroring the actual concentrations found naturally in our bodies. Thus, PRM formulations not only use naturopathic ingredients at natural concentrations, they also cause no side effects at all.