Laser Treatment to Reduce Acne Scars

Our comprehensive multiple-modality laser acne scar treatment protocols stimulate the natural rebuilding of your acne scarred skin to be younger, healthier and smoother.

Before and after photos of acne scar treatment patients

Emotionally exhausted by your acne scarred face? Disillusioned and depressed? Our multiple-modality laser treatment for acnes scars will rebuild your skin naturally, achieving the most satisfying results possible.

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Ready to see your face without acne scars? Get ready to love mirrors again! To see and touch your acne scar free face, smoother, healthier and happier! Our advanced PR3TM comprehensive treatments for acne scars will forge a natural partnership between our advanced science and your skin’s own natural physiology to return your skin to vibrant beauty and health.

How Acne Scar Treatment Works

Acne scar on the face can be successfully treated

Acne scars on the face can be successfully treated

Every acne scar is different from all others with its own unique internal structure. This makes them difficult and complicated to treat. Every acne scar needs to be individually assessed and requires customized treatment protocols according to each patient’s specific needs.

Our advanced treatment protocols for acne scars are very comprehensive. They typically include numerous types of lasers specific for working with collagen and other scar tissue. Acne scar tissue is remodeled into smooth healthy collagen and new growth of young, healthy collagen is generated. Skin that has been damaged by acne cysts is smoothed and resurfaced.

Of course any discoloration, such as dark pigmented spots, vascular lesions and broken capillaries that are common with acne scars are also treated. Your skin will return as closely as possible to an even and consistent tone, to what it was before the cystic acne caused the acne scars.

Multiple-Modality Acne Scar Treatment Protocols

Many different lasers are used during treatment for acne scars

Many different lasers are used during treatment for acne scars

Acne scarring is reduced using the following techniques for which specific lasers are utilized: 

  1. Collagen neogenesis – New collagen growth is stimulated deep in your dermis. This will fill your acne scars from the inside out.
  2. Contraction of acne scars – A lateral contraction of the acne scar is caused by deep fractionated micro columns of energy. This causes them to simply become smaller from side to side. This is done at the deepest as well as the shallow layers of the dermis.
  3. Sublative dermal remodeling – A geometrically reversed pulse of energy is introduced deep into the dermis with this technique. This causes maximal contraction of the acne scarred tissue.
  4. Ablative resurfacing – The outer layers of the epidermis are smoothed out leaving the skin smooth to the touch. 
  5. Coagulative resurfacing – This method causes the breakdown and remodeling of the rigid and hard acne scar collagen into flexible and well organized collagen like healthy soft skin.
  6. Removing hyper pigmentation or dark spots caused by cystic acne.
  7. Removal of red vascular lesions often associated with acne scarring.
  8. Epithelial peel and regeneration:
    • The outer-most dead layer of skin is precisely vaporized.
    • A complete regeneration of a brand new epithelium is induced that looks absolutely radiant.

Non-Laser Modalities

Collagen induction therapy is a non-laser modality used to treat acne scars

CIT is a non-laser modality used to treat acne scars

In most cases, laser acne scar treatments are integrated with a package of:

  1. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, after each laser acne scar treatment
  2. Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) utilizing High-density Acupuncture
  3. Infusion of Physiological Regulating Medicine (PRM) formulations
  4. Silk Peel (dermal infusion facials) performed by one of our nurses. The dermal Infusion facial infuses your dermis with a variety of natural substances. This promotes further healing and rejuvenation of your skin to its silky-smooth, radiant state.

Between laser sessions, a series of CIT/PRM treatments are scheduled along with hyperbaric oxygen treatments. 

What to Expect – Laser Acne Scar Treatment

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Before Treatment

During your complimentary consultation, our doctors will explain how to get rid of your acne scars and recommend the specific acne scar treatment that will be most effective for you and provide a step-by-step outline of the procedure. You’ll also be advised about the proper pre and post-treatment skin care instructions.

During Treatment

A typical treatment protocol usually includes 3-5 different lasers per session, as well as a variety of non-laser modalities that stimulate your skin’s regenerative potential, such as hyperbaric oxygen treatments, high density acupuncture called Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), combined with formulations of Physiological Regulating Medicine (PRM). Treatments to reduce acne scars typically require 3-6 treatments in 6-8 week intervals depending on the severity of the acne scarring and the physiological responsiveness of the patient.

Essentially, we engage, stimulate and direct your own physiological machinery, which does the actual work of Repairing, Regenerating and “Rebirthing” your skin… to reduce and remove your acne scars.

After Treatment

After your laser treatment, expect some degree of redness, ranging from a mild “sunburn” pink to a deep red (depending on skin type and skin sensitivity). Patients are photo-sensitive to sunlight for up to 48 hours following the laser treatment, so it’s advisable to stay indoors and out of direct or indirect sunlight. It is normal to experience some skin peeling and crusting for several days afterwards. A strict skin care regimen must be adhered to during the first week to ensure proper healing and optimal results.

In cases where the patient also suffers from existing acne, sun damage, rosacea, age spots and wrinkles, laser treatments can be customized by incorporating other specialized protocols such as various procedures in the SpectraLift™ Non-Surgical FaceLift.

We appreciate the enormous difference being free of acne scars and proud of your face can make. We would be honored to help you achieve the glowing, confidence-building, happy and beautiful skin you yearn for.

Laser Acne Scar Treatment FAQs

A. The downtime for this treatment is minimal. Immediately following treatment your skin will look “sunburnt” red and somewhat “raw” for approximately 3 to 4 days with light to moderate swelling. Between days 3 and 5 you may experience a flaky peel. During this time your skin will look like it is healing but there will be little to no pain involved and you will be completely functional. Most of our patients return to work in a day or two after their treatment.

A. Typically, the laser treatments are spaced out every 6 to 8 weeks. This can be extended all the way out to 16 weeks if needed.

A. The collagen matrix of the skin is very complex and regeneration can not be created overnight. Positive changes are generally seen by the average patient after the 2nd week. These positive changes will continue to accumulate for 6 months.

There are many scientific theories as to why cystic acne scarring responds so well to lasers. The fact is that the skin’s own regenerative capacity is truly amazing and it can be directed and stimulated by laser energy. When the laser protocol is properly customized for each patient’s skin it can stimulate the bodies natural regenerative resources to rebuild damaged tissue. It is important to know that it is not the doctor, or the laser, that heals you scars. While a skilled and wise doctor designs the laser protocol based on the unique physiological cues of each patients skin, it is the skin itself that does the work rebuilding health, new skin in the weeks between treatments.

A. The CO2 fractional laser is the most common laser used to repair acne scars. Even though a customized combination of multiple lasers combined with other therapeutic modalities produces the best results, the CO2 fractional laser produces fantastic results as a stand-alone treatment.

A. To treat your cystic acne scars and achieve maximal healing a customized approach is required. To regenerate healthy, strong and beautiful skin a combination of many different types of laser are utilized, including CO2 fractional laser. We may also use many other therapeutic modalities, from low tech micro-needling, to the highest reaches of Regenerative Medicine found in Stem Cell therapy.

A. We have a different and unique approach to acne scars. We combine many modalities together including dozens of lasers, which gives us the ability of delivering the results you are looking for. Our unique treatments focus on delicate, progressive and precise stimulation of your own physiological capacity to generate new skin that artfully remodels your acne scars to blend with the rest of your skin.

A. Yes! Severe conglobata (Cystic) acne on the chest and back can be successfully treated with lasers. Please see the before and after photos above in which you will see incredible healing of very deep scars on our patient’s chest.

A. This treatment will cause your skin to regenerate a new dermal collagen matrix. The results will last for years.

A. Yes! This treatment can repair and remodel scars on just about every part of the body.

A. For over 20 years we have been developing proprietary protocols and performing treatments for acne scars. In fact, we have many patients that fly to us from all over the world for our treatments.

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