Patient Reviews – Scar Reduction

My Scar Improved Dramatically After Just One Treatment

by Lav W. at

“My scar improved dramatically after just one treatment”

I cannot recommend AMA highly enough. I was desperate to find a way to improve the appearance of my cosmetic surgery scar. I had been through surgery twice – the first plastic surgeon didn’t do a good job, the second was a gem. I have medium-dark skin, so while the scar itself is flat pigmentation around the incision made the scar look worse than it should.

I had tried everything, nothing worked. Until AMA. Drs Milgrom and Pien are truly experts! My scar improved dramatically after just one treatment. I was shocked. Especially since lasers can be trickier with darker skin.

The doctors are so good with their patients. They explained the treatment protocol, answered my questions, and made me feel comfortable throughout. They work with a wide variety of lasers so you’ll get a solution customized for you. Their staff is very kind and professional.

I happily fly in from the East Coast specifically to visit AMA. Just finished a treatment on my face and I know I will be back soon for something else!



I Came to Dr. Pien with Burns on my Face

“Thank you for helping me feel amazing inside and out again”

by April P. at

Honestly my LIFE SAVERS!!! I first came to Dr. Pien with burns on my face from another “Dermatologist”. They had scared in the most horrific way ON MY FACE. I couldnt even hide them with professional make up.

I was devastated and desperate until my very first consultation. Not only were they empathetic and very welcoming but when I left I was very hopeful that I was in good hands.

It has been 1 yr of visits to AMA and in that yr I got engaged and Married this March. I felt confident taking wedding pictures and most of all walking down isle!! Thank you for helping me feel amazing inside and out again.



Great Experience with Laser Scar Removal on my Face

“I am so satisfied with the results”

by Phyllis p. at

My review is for Dr. Pien at the LA office on San Vicente. I have now had my 2nd laser treatment for the removal of several scars on my face that have been there since I was a child. In addition to the scar removal, Dr. Pien also gave me a peel using the lasers.

First off, the customer service here is absolutely amazing!! All of the staff are so nice and informative and they always do a nice follow up call after the laser procedures. I have tried many other places and have done many peels, Vi Peel, and other laser treatments. Dr. Pien and her clinic is by far the best place I have been to for laser treatment, hands down. Her knowledge of lasers and holistic medicine is mind blowing and you can tell that she genuinely wants to help you and is not there just to sell you something or offer you a service that you don’t need.

I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for laser scar removal treatment. I will never again purchase a normal peel, I am so satisfied with the results I get from the lasers used at AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare.



Amazing Results for a Bad Burn Scar on my Cheek

by N M. at

I’ve been coming to AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare for many years now for various laser treatments and have been very happy. I initially came to AMA for a bad burn scar on my cheek. I had a severe chemical burn on my cheek that was on its way to forming a bad scar. I was desperately seeking for help and tried a dermatology office nearby in Newport Beach, but the Dr. was way too aggressive and made the burn worse. I became depress and thought I had to live with a big scar on my face forever, but after extensive research, I found AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare. I am forever so thankful to Dr. Pien for turning my skin back to normal!

AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare is an amazing place with cutting edge technology. They provide comprehensive integrative laser scar removal treatments that are personalized to each individual. Dr. Pien and Dr. Milgrom are both very knowledgable, personable, and genuinely caring. Their staff is professional and friendly. The facility is clean, artfully decorated in a tranquil setting.

I am so happy with AMA. I have referred many of my clients and friends, including my mother. I highly recommend AMA!



My Abdomen Scar is 100% Flat with Improved Color

by Shar V. at

Let me start off by saying THANK YOU DR. ALICE PIEN!

I stopped into her office about 2 years ago with a huge scar left over on my abdomen from surgery. I was in tears and very uncomfortable in my skin. I was very self conscious and thought there was no way it would improve. My scar was very uneven in texture and hyper-pigmented.

I met with Dr. Pien, desperate for help. She explained to me her plan of action in both lightening the scar and smoothing out the texture. She explained each laser and what their function was; which really put my mind at ease. I trusted her 100% I am so appreciative that I have met such a compassionate doctor who is a master of her craft. She did not promise me the moon and the stars; she was honest about what I could expect and confident in her work. Trusting her was the best decision I could have made.

My scar is 100% flat and the color has improved tremendously.  I’m now a patient of her’s years later and very thankful!!



My Scars can Hardly be Seen After Laser Scar Removal

by Angela R. at

I have been a patient of AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare since 2013. I found AMA in desperation after undergoing a laser procedure from a dermatologist that went horribly wrong and left me scarred underneath both of my eyes. After my initial meeting with Dr. Milgrom I felt confident and relieved that they could help with my healing process. After several appointments with Dr. Pien I am happy to report that she was able to work her magic and my scars can hardly be seen.

Dr. Pien is so sweet and gentle and I will forever be grateful for all she did. I will only trust her with any type of laser procedure and I have even sent my mom to have laser work done. My mom’s skin looks amazing and she is complimented often on her glow! My mom and I will continue to place our trust in the hands of Dr. Milgrom, Dr. Pien and Laila at AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare!!



I had Horrible Scars on my Arms and They Have Improved

My experience at AMA has been amazing.

I have to clarify that I am speaking about laser scar removal treatment because this is tricky and requires multiple treatments.

We are used to 1 hour photo, 15 minute prescription service, and have lost sight of the need for patience. Our skin needs to heal at a certain pace.

This takes several treatments, no matter where you go, and anybody who tries to tell you sooner, just go get a free second or third consultation.

I am VERY picky. I rarely find that I am satisfied with a service.

I usually always have to go back and get it redone!

However, the team at AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare is professional and knowledgeable.

They have a philosophy that is unique.
They encourage the body/skin to regenerate with the assistance of lasers and other devices, rather than viewing the treatment itself as the defining factor.

Before choosing AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare, I had done a lot of research and received many price quotes from leading surgeons/dermatologists who seemed baffled at my scars and told me there wasn’t much that they could do for me.

I was so disappointed, and desperate to improve my scars, that even after years of multiple surgeons and dermatologists telling me that there was little to nothing that they could do for me, I kept researching and getting different opinions.

So when I had my first consultation with AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare and they said “oh, those scars are easy to treat”, I thought that they were just saying what I wanted to hear, but I was so desperate for improvement that I gave it a try. I guess I decided to try it because they came up with such a detailed plan that included so many different lasers and other devices that I was curious. All of the other places I have been to took one look at my scars and groaned when they saw them!

I had horrible lacerations/scars on my arms and they have improved and I’m only at the start of my laser scar removal regimen.

Their prices are good as compared to many other places.

They have many lasers and other devices at their arsenal, plus, the lasers that they do have are the latest generation, so you are getting the best treatment currently possible. You have to do your research because those machines are really expensive and a lot of doctors will buy a machine and just keep it, long after there are newer, better lasers on the market.

Dr. Milgrom prescribed 8-10 treatment sessions and I’m ok with that, because I’ve already seen the evidence of improvement.

Im getting closer and closer to feeling comfortable enough to wear summer clothing.
I haven’t worn short sleeves in 17 years.
Even in the middle of summer when it’s boiling hot, or if I’m at the beach I wear long sleeves and look like a total psycho and it’s so hot and uncomfortable.
I just want to be able to look and feel normal and comfortable without this problem always ruining it.
I feel really excited to see how much better the scars will get because they are going from really white and really jagged, to getting closer to my normal skin tone and texture.
I couldn’t do anything until now because the texture was so bad, makeup actually made it more obvious.
I tried applying some makeup on the scars the other night and it looked pretty good. Enough to go to dinner and wear something that I actually like. That is a milestone after having worn long sleeves for almost two decades.

AMA customizes everything to your individual skin type and condition. They continue to change and adapt the treatment to the way that your skin reacts and heals.

Other places just seem to have a cookie-cutter mentality and use the standard treatments for everyone and when those methods fail, you are told that’s the best that your ailment is going to get.
AMA takes accountability and will use different things to get results.
They really try and put in a lot of effort.

The staff are amazing and very professional. They bend over backwards to help you, and if they can not answer your question clearly, they will make a note and ask the doctor, and call you back with a clear answer.

The skin is a living organism, capable of regenerating/healing itself and AMA is the first facility to treat me as such.

You will be treated differently then anywhere else and get a customized plan that gets results.