Patient Reviews – Melasma and Age Spots

Mina – My Experience with Laser Melasma Treatment

“Hi I’m Mina, I am a dentist. I had a hyperpigmentation problem of my face that hit me after menopause…

Dr. Pien worked with me to the point that I have no makeup on right now. Now I feel very confident, I can walk around without makeup on. I actually don’t wear foundation anymore The fact of the matter is, Dr. Pien will get down to the bottom of your hyperpigmentation problem and she will fix whatever you need to have fixed.”

They Did a Really Good Job on My Melasma

by Chen C. at

“They’re doing very good job there”

I came for Melasma. I’m one of the patients for doctor Pien. She’s a very good person, responsible for me.

I’ve been done my treatment for 4 times( that’s a long time for me). But I really Appreciate that I choose them.

I still remember My last time I went to another Laser center, they messed up my skin ( by that moment I felt like I want to kill myself. I didn’t have any confidence to see any of my friends. Upset 24 hours a day, never wanted to see the Mirror).  I thought I won’t be better anymore. But I still gave myself last chance to this doctor.

To be honest, I’ve very Nervous at first time Doctor Pien was doing treatment for me ( because I didn’t know her, maybe she’s the same as the last doctor or just wanted get money from me or whatever). But I was wrong. During all this months. I can see her personality. I can trust her.  

Today I was doing another treatment I saw she’s probably training new doctor. I heard what she taught her student that made me feel comfortable. A good doctor more than I know of course! I think she’s a good leader too. Because all of her employees/coworkers are very nicely and patiently. I’m a patient, I don’t know about others, but for I know, they’re doing very good job there!

My Go To Spot for Skincare Treatment

by Monica M. at

“This is my go to spot for skincare treatment.”

I highly recommend AMA. Dr. Pien is informative, patient, and talented.

I’ve had amazing results in such a short amount of time!! They help with just about any concern (sun damage, skin tone/texture, melasma, an overall refresher).

I’m extremely happy I decided to go in for a consultation. This is my go to spot for skincare treatment.

Thank you Dr. Pien and team!

My Mom had Really Bad Hyperpigmentation

by Evette L. at

“My mom already saw amazing results”

My mother has had really bad hyperpigmentation in her face for years and has been trying literally near every treatment to lighten her skin. She’s tried $1000’s on treatments and finally ended up here.

Dr. Pien was able to sit down with her and create a skin plan to effectively help her. After 2-3 session my mom already saw amazing results and for once I was genuinely surprised and didn’t have to lie about seeing a difference in her skin. She’s been egging me to help her write this review for so long now and she never writes reviews so I hope this will help anyone looking to fix a similar problem.

My mom is 40-41 and has had hyperpigmentation since the age of 20-23. Chinese and very pale, fair skin.

Asian with Melasma Problem that Hit Me After Menopause

“I do not have to wear makeup anymore”

Hi I’m Mina, I am a dentist. I had a melasma problem of my face that hit me after menopause. I went to another dermatologist and she tried everything. We did many different melasma treatments. The brown spots on my face would lighten and within 3 days they would come back. After trying everything she had to throw at me I ended up with the same symptoms and then I basically gave up trying to find a cure.

One day I stumbled on to Dr. Pien’s website. Reading the reviews there were many other women that had the same pigmentation problems and they had gotten to the point where they did not have to wear makeup anymore. So I said, OK, for my birthday present I’m going to try this one more time. We did the treatment and I am a special case but the difference with Dr. Pien is that she has every different type of laser. It’s not like when you go to other dermatologists were they have one or two lasers and if you only have a hammer, everything is a nail. So they will try what they have. Dr. Pien has every possible laser that you can think of. She’s high tech and she is very capable but on top of that she is very caring. She cares about the results of her treatments. She cares about her patients.

I was about to give up and she told me “you know what, let me try”. We tried little things and I am hyper-sensitive. What would work on a normal person would actually make me hyper react and that could be a very common thing with asians. For me, she worked with me to the point that I do not have to wear makeup anymore. Before, if I walked out people would think that I was Pippy Longstockings with all the colors and freckles and brown patches on the cheeks and everything. I would not be caught dead outside without makeup.

Now I feel very confident, I can walk around without makeup on. I actually don’t wear foundation anymore I just put on sunblock.

I’ve Been Treating a Cafe Au Lait Birthmark and Hyperpigmentation

by Elle J. at

“This is a very professional, honest, legitimate skincare practice”

I absolutely adore Dr. Pien and her team of caring, compassionate, loving, kind, gentle nurses and staff. This is a very professional, honest, legitimate skincare practice and it is so obvious that it is passion driven.

If you are serious about your skincare and want to go to an honest place, come here.

I have been treating a cafe au lait birthmark, I have been treating hyperpigmentation, as well as laser hair removal on various areas. I am olive complected and have African descent and we all know how complex it can be to treat that skin type. This place has the expertise, knowledge, and equipment to treat them all.

I always leave here feeling relieved and happy. I have been a patient for over a year and a half, I transferred from the LA location to Irvine location and my service has not changed.

As with any medical procedure, do your research, but coming from a gal who is no stranger to med spas, I encourage to stay away from places that pop up out of no where, change ownership/names often, have no doctor on hand, does webcam diagnosing, high nurse turnover rate, always a new nurse, etc. those places are purely profit driven, they lack passion, and it shows in the treatment you receive and the staff you deal with as I have been burnt by inexperienced technicians in those kinds of places.

Save yourself the time and money of having to erase mistakes from those kinds of places and just come here.

AMA has been around, under the same name, and you always deal with the same staff, so that in itself speaks volumes. I trust and love AMA skincare and I am positive that I will be a patient for life.

I’ve Seen Amazing Results with all my Melasma Treatments

by Lauren B. at

“Have seen amazing results with all my melasma treatments”

I was referred to Dr. Pien and her team by a friend and could not be happier. I’ve received a number of services, including facials and lasers, and have seen amazing results with all my melasma treatments. The staff is unbelievably kind and accommodating.

The most recent treatment I’ve done was a laser treatment to reduce the size and pigment of many moles and freckles on my upper body due to sun damage. Laila helped with the initial process of numbing, and I got to relax in a massage chair before Dr. Pien came in and quickly zapped all the troubling spots.

I would recommend AMA to everyone. They’re amazing people and know exactly how to treat your skin.

AMA Delivers on Removing Sunspots

by Maria R. at

“They can remove these ugly sun spots!”

I have been living with sun spots for about 15 years and they have only been getting worse. I’ve been investing in lots of over the counter dark spot removers and concealers for the past 5 years with no result. I have also gone to over skincare places inquiring on laser treatments, but was told sun spots could not be removed.

Finally after noticing new sun spots making an appearance on my face I decided to look into laser removal. Through my research I discovered AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare. Their reviews are great so I took advantage of their FREE Consultation.

The place is great, relaxing, with friendly staff. What a relief to learn they can remove these ugly sun spots!!! I had my first treatment last week and already I see a noticeable improvement with my face! I love it! I have a second treatment in a few weeks scheduled, which might be the last one and I am looking forward to clear skin.

This place delivers!

After 5 Days the Dark Spots Really did Flake off

“The dark spots on my face really did flake off”

Impressed with my results. I saw this place online and figured why not go for a free consultation. I’ve had freckles and a sun spot since I can remembered and wanted to explore some options that were more aggressive than whitening serums. The place is located in a corporate type of plaza near John Wayne airport. However, when you walk into the suite it’s like a whole other world. The office is tastefully decorated like a spa. My consultation with Dr. Asher was easy breezy and he made me feel very comfortable with my laser procedure. He explained that Asian skin requires some knowledge of how to treat it.

The day of my procedure, they put me in a big massage chair with a cup of tea while the numbing cream did it’s magic. The laser procedure to remove the sun spots itself took maybe 15 mins. Pretty painless because after of the numbing cream, felt like tiny pin pricks.

After the laser procedure they prefaced that my freckles are going to be a lot darker than usual but should flake off after a few days. Admittedly, I had some doubt that this was going to be effective. However about 5 days the dark spots on my face really did flake off and my complexion has never been clearer. The procedure wasn’t cheap but definitely worth every cent.

My Melasma is 95% Gone After Laser Treatment

by Kristen K. at

“AMA went above and beyond to ensure my melasma was almost fully gone”

I needed help treating my melasma. The hyperpigmentation on my upper lip was embarrassing. I called it my tan stache :( I had tried hydroquinone and was allergic. So I searched and researched all of Orange County for the best, most trustworthy laser skincare center. AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare was my top choice. I met with Dr Asher Milgrom and he was both trustworthy, knowledgable, a patient teacher and advisor. I went with a packaged (yet customized) 3 part laser treatment. Dr. Alice Pien who did the lasers is brilliant at what she does. She is also very warm, easy to talk with and extremely intelligent in her field. Everything went smoothly, very little pain or discomfort. She is able to choose and use the laser so that it is both safe and effective. AMA has such a large variety of lasers, which is really to the clients benefit!

My melasma turned out to be more tricky (unstable) than we had guessed. But AMA went above and beyond to ensure my melasma was almost fully gone. I’d say about 95% gone which looks fantastic and I couldn’t be happier. I can go out without any makeup on. They made slight adjustments and an extra laser to ensure my skin looked great – within initial package price.

Since I did discover my melasma wasn’t a one-time reaction, but unstable, meaning it could come back with sun exposure, Dr. Alice Pien recommended me to a great doctor for testing. Found out it wasn’t my adrenals and my blood test was fine, so probably due to my hormones. Still investigating. But for now I look great and am sooo thankful! Oh, and their office and office staff are incredible

A Combination of Different Lasers to Treat Melasma

by Wenny J. at

I just had the 3rd treatment of melasma with Dr. Pien at AMA. I am very happy with the results.

Dr. Pien is very knowledgeable, caring and patient. She uses a combination of different lasers to treat melasma, resulting in more effective and long lasting results. I think AMA’s unique procedure on treating melasma has set it apart from other medical spas.

Dr. Pien, Dr. milgrom and their staff are very friendly, and they make sure that the patients are feeling comfortable and cared for. I can’t speak highly enough for Dr. Pien and AMA team in Orange County.

Traveled from Out of State for Melasma Treatment

by Michael B. at

Dr. Pien and Staff at AMA are wonderful. The staff worked with me in coordinating an appointment time with my schedule and coming from out of state.

The day of my appointment nothing was going in my favor. My flight was delayed by hours because of bad weather, and there was no way I was going to make my appointment time. Between flights, I received notification that my credit card had been compromised with fraudulent charges and that my card was suspended. So I arrived in California missing my appointment, with no way to pay, and a flight back to Texas in just over an hour.

Thankfully Dr. Pien and staff still had me come in since I had traveled so far just to see them. They treated me like VIP; they had me in and out and back at the airport on time!!! I am so thankful to everyone who helped me in and out that day.

Just in case you are wondering, I opted for no pain-numbing for my treatment to save time and they don’t take PayPal so you will have to find a really good friend to bail you out, lol. I almost forgot! I went in for Melasma treatment, and after one treatment my pigmentation looks better than it has from 12 other treatments by other doctors.

Hopefully, with Dr. Pien’s experience I can finally be rid of my hyper-pigmentation.

I Travel from NYC to CA for Melasma Treatment

by Neeli S. at

I travel from NYC to CA to be treated for melasma by Dr. Pien.  She is a miracle worker and I’m so extremely happy with the results.  Dr. Pien is incredibly knowledgable and skilled in the multitude of lasers available in the market.  She customized a treatment plan that was specifically for my skin type  and my skin has never looked better.  People constantly ask who my dermatologist is.  

The entire staff at AMA is also so courteous and attentive and just add to the great experience.  

I will never be able to that you enough, Dr. Pien and team.  I’m so grateful to you all!   Thank you so much!

Treatment for Imperfect Skin Tone Works Really Well

by Khuong T. at

I been going here to get her face treated for imperfect skin tone.

Dr. Pien is very patient treating her and try different type of laser procedures. It has work very well. Of course, it takes a lot of time and patient to treat skin discoloring.

I highly recommend Dr. Pien. She is very knowledgeable in her profession.

I’m Ecstatic! My Age Spots are Disappearing

by Vivian H. at

I would recommend the AMA Regeneration Medicine and Skincare facility to anyone and everyone. I am currently being treated for age spots on my face. After several treatments, the spots have pretty much disappeared. I am ecstatic. It has changed my appearance and has made me more confident.

Everyone at AMA has been great. My initial consultation was with Dr. Asher Milgrom. He explained how the laser would clear my spots. He answered all my questions and made sure I was comfortable with the regimen.

Dr. Alice Pien conducted one of my sessions and she made sure that the treatment plan was conducive to my needs. They are very thorough at AMA.

Karen has completed many of my sessions. She is very knowledgeable and explains everything as she works. Karen is a very caring person. She treats me like a person and not like just another client.

Jennifer always greets me with a smile. Even when I arrived late to an appointment, she was very understanding. My experience at AMA has been great!

Melasma is Gone – Skin is Renewed Without Being Harmed

This is an overdue feedback! I am truly grateful for finding AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare. I developed Melasma about a couple years ago and this got exasperated when I went to a med spa for IPL treatments unfortunately. I did so much research which lead me to Dr. Milgrom and Dr. Pien and they are really the most informative doctors in the industry who have nailed down how to combine medical and holistic solutions for best skincare. Dr. Milgrom took the time to explain what melasma is and the melasma causes of my skin condition clearly by drawing everything on paper. I had been to many dermatologists and med spas to interview them and this was really the first place that resonated well, and for good reasons that is! I now know where and what layer of skin contains Melasma, where it comes from, how it gets triggered and how it can be tamed. My skin has improved already and I am continuing with AMA to get more treatments.

During my consultation Dr. Milgrom noticed I was fatigued and he told me that a vitamin B shot would help me. Next thing I knew he told his nurse to give it to me for free. I was astounded how kind and generous he was. And then during my past two treatments, Dr. Pien explained how she mixed the laser machines to make sure skin is renewed without being harmed, and also gave me some great tips on holistic measures which I can take.

AMA is honest, informative and they have latest and variety of equipment. Their nurses are also so warm and professional, both. I live in Sherman Oaks and it is quite a long drive for me, especially with my hectic work schedule, but I do it with no hesitation. I am personally delighted to have found my holy grail of skincare. Thank you, Dr. Pien, Dr. Milgrom and your awesome staff.

Dramatically Change Your Skin – Acne and Melasma Gone!

by Erica G. at

I have been seeing Dr. Pien and her team for over a year now. I came to AMA because I had melasma (clusters of dark pigment) on my face, as well as large pores, and acne scars. I was referred to Dr. Pien from my mom who had highly reviewed her for her laser treatments.

The first time I called, I was surprised by how quickly the receptionist answered the phone and by her friendly attitude. She addressed all of my questions and made me feel comfortable in moving forward with an appointment. After a consultation, I decided to have laser facial treatments done. I had 3 sessions over the course of 8 months or so.

The results were amazing. 90% of my dark spots have faded. No matter what topical products say that they will reduce the appearance of spots, really the only way to do it through laser. My skin glows now and has a really nice texture. The majority of my acne scars have decreased significantly. The best part about getting laser is that it is a holistic approach to skincare. From my consultation, I learned what melasma is, what causes melasma and that laser inflicts microscopic damage to the skin and your immune system works to repair it. Through the repair, your skin improves and it reverses aging. Of course they explain it better, but I liked knowing that the majority of the process was from my own body making the changes.

I see Dr. Pien for other services now and will continue to do so not just for the amazing results. She is the sweetest, most considerate doctor out there. She is always very warm and happy to help you. Dr. Pien and AMA work to help you achieve your goals. Their staff is knowledgable, friendly, and helpful. They are well versed in the science behind skincare and stay up to date on the latest procedures.

If you are looking to dramatically change your skin, go to AMA. Their professionality, quality of service, and excellent value will make you a return customer. I have told many friends about their services and will gladly recommend them to more.

Please note that all treatments are subjective to each patient’s health and his/her own healing process. In my case, I was shocked by how severe I looked after my first treatment. I basically looked like a lizard for 5 days (this is due to the laser peel–not co2 fractional or pigment laser which I have had separately), but the outcome was incredible. I have never seen my skin look so good. Just a warning that the healing process is the most challenging part. Expect to stay at home for a couple of days unless you are okay with going outside with dark, peeling patches. Another thing to note is that you must keep up with a healthy skincare regimen (sunscreen!!!) for lasting results.

Laser Treatments to Even Out the Pigmentation of my Skin

by A M. at

This is my second review so this will be a very brief but genuine post. I have been receiving laser melasma treatments to help and even the pigmentation of my skin and some brown spots, and Dr. Pien sets the bar very high when it comes to her work. Im am amazed almost in disbelief of how my skin improved over time.

Although some procedures may take a little more time than others. AMA makes sure they get the job, unlike these greedy LA doctors who try to milk you for your last dime with sketchy results, Dr. Pien cares for me as if I’m a friend or family member showing compassion for my problem and delivering the solution.

Thank you guys even friends are starting to see the difference.

A Great Experience with Sunspot Removal

by A. G. at

A great experience from beginning to end.

I had sun spot removal and did a laser skin resurfacing treatment. I spent too much time in the sun without sunscreen as a kid and it is definitely coming back to haunt me now.

After the laser treatment, my skin looked better than it has looked in years. I thought the sun damage was irreversible, but the texture of my skin is so much healthier looking and smoother. And the brown spots and broken capillaries around my nose – gone.

They were extremely professional and made me feel totally comfortable and confident with their care. I will definitely be back again for another laser treatment. In fact, I intend to be a life-long client!

So Happy with Laser Treatment for Freckles on my Face

by Sapna S. at

This review is for the Irvine and LA office of AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare, as I have been to both of their locations :) . I should have written this review a long time back.

I went to AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare first in 2010. I met with Dr. Milgrom about my freckles laser treatment on my face. He took a time and explained me the reason behind getting freckles on face and body. This session was so informative.

Then I met Dr. Pien who did my first laser treatment, and Dr. Pien is amazing, when I met her I felt I am in a right hands, I was so impressed when Dr. Pien told me that she tell her patients that they don’t need to hold their self back from going outside in the sun like to beaches etc.. go outside and enjoy your life. Just come once a year to treat your self.

Their whole staff is amazing. Knowledgeable, they take time to listen to you. Overall I am so happy with my experience with AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare. I recommend everyone to visit AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare if you are struggling with any skin problems. :):):):)

Huge Improvement in my Melasma and Acne Scars

by Becks P. at

I could not be happier that I found AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare. For the last three years I’ve had Melasma spots on my upper lip and cheekbones that were progressively getting worse. I tried many things to help reverse the dark spots on my skin but nothing was working. After coming across AMA on yelp, and researching their website, I decided to schedule a consultation.

During the consultation Dr. Milgram took the time to get to know me, and what my skin concerns were. He then explained what is melasma in depth, and discussed a tailored melasma treatment that would be best for me. I appreciate the time he took to answer all my questions, as I always have many questions. After an hour-long chat with him, I decided to go with a treatment that would address my Melasma and acne scars at the same time. I had received other consultations prior to this, but I felt most confident with AMA’s expertise and holistic approach.

I have since had two laser treatments and Collagen Induction Therapy in between. During each visit, the staff is amazing at helping you feel relaxed and comfortable. Dr. Pien walks you through each step describing the purpose of each laser she is using. I’ve been especially thankful for their follow up care. They send you home with written instructions, send daily email care instructions, and call to check up on you.

The results have been great so far. Even after my first laser treatment I noticed a huge improvement in my skin. My Melasma spots were lighter, my overall skin tone was more even, and I rarely break out now. For the first time in 10 years I feel comfortable leaving the house without makeup. In fact I hate wearing makeup now. I receive compliments on my skin from friends and family and not only does it look better, but more importantly I feel happier and more confidant. I look forward to my future appointments at AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare as I know I’ll continue to grow happier with each laser treatment.

My Confidence is Back and my Melasma is Gone

by Kelly L. at

I’ve struggled with Melasma spots on my nose, upper lip, and cheeks for close to four years. I’ve tried every possible cream, serum, wash; anything I could get my hands on to help lighten the embarrassingly dark spots on my skin. I asked my regular dermatologist about the possibility of laser treatment, but I was shut down immediately. “You’ll do more harm than good. Any good results you see will only be temporary,” he warned. Not only did he tell me I would have to live with my spots for the rest of my life, he also said they would most likely get worse over time. I left his office convinced I would never leave the house without makeup again.

As time went on, I realized my doctor was right about one thing. My spots did get worse. But I couldn’t believe that there was nothing I could do to help it. That’s when I found AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare. I decided that a free consultation couldn’t hurt, so I made an appointment to meet with Rebecca, the Director of Operations. I can’t say enough about how wonderful she was during our meeting. She explained every part of AMA’s holistic approach to their treatments, how my immune system would react to the lasers treatment, and the effect it would have on the dark spots. She patiently answered every question I had, and I certainly had a lot. Dr. Milgrom joined us part way through the consultation and he was just as patient with me and my questions. Both Rebecca and Dr. Milgrom made me feel completely at ease and I confidently decided to schedule my first Melasma treatment.

I could not be happier that I made that decision. Dr. Pien explained every step of the melasma treatment and took great care to calm my nerves. I didn’t think it was possible to have more questions after my consultation, but I did and Dr. Pien answered them all. After just the first melasma treatment my skin looked amazing. The dark spots on my cheeks and nose were significantly lighter. they’re almost unnoticeable now. My lip has some way to go, but it’s definitely better than it’s been in years.

For the first time in almost four years, I feel confident enough to leave the house with no makeup. It actually brought a tear to my eye. I had no idea how negatively my dark spots affected my self-confidence and day to day life. I had my second laser melasma treatment today, and I can’t wait to see the results.

Thank you AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare for your wonderful work.

Better than a Dermatologist for Asian Skin with Age Spots

by PunkB at

I am Asian and have age spots. Any Asian knows, we have stubborn skin and these spots are difficult to remove. I have been to several dermatologists all to no avail. I was referred to AMA by a friend and was skeptical, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to check it out. I was sold within minutes.

I had my first laser treatment a couple of days later. Everyone (including the receptionist) is so knowledgeable and friendly. They made sure I knew what to expect and how to care for my skin. A week later, I could see the dark spots were fading and I only had one treatment! It is worth every penny I spent and then some and I normally can’t afford luxuries such as this, but they are quite reasonable and have low interest payment plans.

Outstanding Comments for AMA’s Melasma Treatment

by Monica Q. at

I have nothing but outstanding comments for AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare. They truly care for the patient and do what is best.

I have a melasma condition and this is by far the only place that has shown me some serious results. They also have a holistic approach to melasma treatment that it changed the way I see life and how I take care of myself.

Thank you to everyone at AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare.