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The world already has - ozone - a most inexpensive, safe, and likely effective remedy for deadly viral diseases

“The world already has – ozone – a most inexpensive, safe, and likely effective remedy for deadly viral diseases” – Journal Infectious Disease and Epidemiology


Studies Using Ozone to Treat Viruses

Here you can find a selection from hundreds of the published books and articles about the science of ozone, from which we extract key facts, data and relevant information.

Below are stories of recovery using ozone to treat viruses. Nothing posted on this website regarding ozone are proprietary or unique to our practice.


Disclaimer: though everything represented on our website regarding the science of medical ozone comes directly from reputable publications, books and scientific journals; and though thousands of these articles are available on official NIH government websites (, and even though ozone therapy has been certified and authorized for treating viruses by other countries, they have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and the FDA has not certified, endorsed or approved any of the scientific findings as methods of treating or diagnosing any diseases or illnesses.


Many books on the science of Ozone Therapy are available from Amazon

Many books on the science of Ozone Therapy are available online


Stories of Recovery with Ozone Therapy


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See article: After Eight Months of Covid… Ozone has…

“At one point I remembered that, while I was bedridden with oxygen, I had heard on TV that in Udine they had used ozone therapy to treat Covid patients. So I inquired about ozone therapy with some medical friends, two of whom gave me a positive opinion…

… At the first treatment by major autohemotherapy where they took out some blood, like a transfusion and added ozone, then infused it back into me.   I felt a little strange. But already by the second treatment I began to recover my memory. I regained my strength and I felt more toned… After the third treatment I returned to full efficiency: all the damage from Covid and post-Covid had disappeared.”


“Methods I used during COVID. These are not recommendations.  This is merely a recounting of what I used while I had COVID.

1. IV Ozone/UBI – 3x per week

2. Rectal Ozone – daily

3. Zinc Lozenges from Life Extension

4. Ubiquinol from NOW

5. NADOVIM (NAD+ supplement)

6. Mercola’s Whole-Food Multivitamin

7. Naked Creatine

Now a couple months later I have no residual symptoms from COVID.  I have continued with the home ozone therapies.   My COVID experience was a mild one. 

My dad also got COVID at age 70.  He also has asthma.  He was a bit more sick than me but rebounded in 10 days, using a similar routine to me.  I also had a brother who got COVID at the same time.  His experience was even less symptomatic than mine.”


Additional Reading on the Science of Ozone Therapy

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