What is Ozone Therapy? A Powerful Microbial Infection Treatment 

What is Ozone Therapy? A Powerful Microbial Infection Treatment 


Despite its dubious status in the USA as an “alternative” treatment, for the past 150 years Ozone Therapy has been thoroughly studied and widely utilized throughout Europe and Asia. For US patients who encounter it for the first time it’s an interesting and curious treatment, because it seems so simple, natural and effective, that one wonders why so few US doctors use it.

As a matter of fact, even though it is statistically one of the safest medical treatments known, until relatively recently, Ozone Therapy was illegal in many states, and patients had to travel to Mexico to find American doctors who practiced “Integrative Medicine” and whose specialization included Ozone Therapy.

The reasons for this negativity and resistance to ozone in the US are entirely political and commercial, (as many disruptive innovations encounter), and have nothing to do with what is good for patient care…. But this is a subject for another article.


What is ozone therapy - Ozone (O3) is a highly reactive gas composed of three oxygen atoms.

Ozone (O3) is composed of three oxygen atoms

At AMA Regenerative Medicine, we were introduced to Ozone Therapy by some of our patients who had been healed from various devastating cancers and microbial infections by American Integrative MD’s who had moved their offices to Mexico. Their stories were so compelling that we traveled with them to these clinics to learn firsthand about the mysterious ozone treatments. Thereafter, having validated their amazing recoveries with our own eyes, we traveled to Italy, the world’s center for ozone studies, to study Ozone Therapy with renowned global experts.

It was there in Italy that we learned about Ozone Therapy and how it is extremely effective in patients who are suffering from a wide variety of chronic microbial infections, fungal (yeast) such as Candida, Bacterial infections such as Spirochetes and Lyme Disease, MRSA infections and viruses such as Epstein Barr, Herpes (Simplex & Shingles), HIV and even Ebola, as well as a whole host of inflammatory diseases.

Just a few of the many other established beneficial effects of Ozone Therapy include: Dental caries (cavities), decreased blood cholesterol, increases red blood cell metabolism, increases oxygenation of tissues, increases mitochondrial production of ATP, preserves tissues suffering from hypoxic and ischemic conditions, and accelerates wound healing.


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Ozone has different actions depending on its concentration and how it’s administered. While ozone does have a direct killing effect on bacteria, funguses, protozoa and viruses, its main mechanisms of action are by stimulating (modulating) our natural physiological immune and regenerative systems. Thus, ozone easily fits into the category of “biological therapy”, or “physiological therapy”.

Ozone injection into the shoulder

Ozone injection into the shoulder

Ozone has six primary modes of therapeutic significance:

  1. Regenerative: By stimulating mitochondria, ozone supports and accelerates the body’s natural ability to heal damaged tissue and regenerate healthy tissue. Examples include ozone injections to heal damaged joints. It accomplishes this by stimulating the mitochondria of cells that are actively involved in regeneration, such as Stem Cells or the cells that generate new collagen in a damaged joint, or those that form new bones in the case of bone damage.

Note: Every cell in your body is dependent on ATP from which it derives the energy it needs to perform its functions. ATP is generated in mitochondria. Therefore, if your cells have more ATP, they function better. From cells that make collagen, to cells that make your hormones, or make natural antioxidants, or detox your blood… everything is dependent on the health of your mitochondria. Ozone is better at supporting the health of your mitochondria than any other known substance.

Interestingly, prokaryote cells which include all bacteria do NOT have mitochondria, so they are not helped by ozone,

  1. Infectious disease, wherein ozone attacks pathogenic infections by bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses, and stimulates the body’s natural immune defenses. This form of physiological therapy is called Oxidative Therapy.

Note: Ozone attacks the cellular membranes (walls) of microbes, so all bacteria fungi, yeast and viruses are susceptible.

Note: Ozone is also a powerful stimulator of immune functions by increasing your generation of interferon, tumor necrosis factor and Interleuken-2. All of these are essential in a healthy immune response to microbial infection attacks.

Note: Bacteria can not develop resistance to ozone.

  1. Cancer: Wherein ozone attacks malignant cells, and protects healthy cells. It can also be a powerful adjunctive therapy to chemotherapy. As in #2 above, this form of physiological therapy is Oxidative.
  2. As a detox agent, ozone stimulates the body’s natural ability to generate its own anti-oxidants. This is particularly important for the health of the two organs that generate more oxidative activity than all other organs, namely, your liver and brain.
  3. Ozone stimulates a powerful anti-oxidative response by our bodies and has proven effective in subduing the overproduction of inflammatory cells such as those associated with Asthma, Diabetes, as well as other painful inflammatory diseases like arthritis, Fibromyalgia and others.
  4. Oxygenation: Ozone stimulates oxygen metabolism by empowering your red blood cells with greater cellular energy derived from glycolysis. This also increases the ability of your red blood cells to deliver greater quantity of oxygen to your tissues. This not only increases your body’s ability to regenerate new tissues, it directly attacks bacteria, who are anaerobic and are negatively affected in an oxygen rich environment.

For more information see: Ozone therapy: A clinical review from The National Center for Biotechnology Information


As the primary focus of this article is diseases caused by microbial infections such as Lyme and its many co-infections, lets focus on the Oxidative nature of ozone and how ozone functions in the presence of infectious diseases. What is ozone therapy able to do? Why is ozone a natural microbial infection treatment for diseases such as Lyme?

The dreaded Lyme Spirochete

The dreaded Lyme Spirochete

Ozone stimulates the body’s antioxidant systems by causing a mild oxidative challenge. At the correct concentrations, the challenge is not strong enough to cause oxidation damage, but is enough that the body dramatically responds by stimulating its most powerful anti-oxidation systems: glutathione (peroxidase/reductase) and super-oxide dismutase/catalase. The activation of these systems eliminates free radicals from all over the body.

Interestingly, while ozone is stimulating our cellular defenses against oxidation, bacteria and viruses, do not have these anti-oxidant defenses, nor do human cells that are infected with viruses or bacteria (intracellular parasites such as Borrelia). Therefore, they are very sensitive to oxidative stress caused by ozone and die, whereas uninfected human cells survive and thrive.

Thus, especially when combined with proper use of anti-biotics, Lyme Disease can be quickly and completely eradicated from a person who recently contracted the Lyme infection. For patients who have been chronically infected with Lyme, the therapy might require significantly more time.


As the clinical evidence for the effectiveness of Ozone Therapy as a microbial infection treatment is gaining recognition, there are now several clinics throughout the country that are having remarkable results treating chronic complex infections, like Lyme and various viral infections with ozone. The preferred method of administering ozone therapy is intensive intravenous (IV) ozone protocols.

Most clinics combine ozone IV therapy with high potency vitamin IV therapy, for a synergistically fabulous impact on your overall health and wellbeing.

Though Ozone is powerfully effective when administered as an IV, It has a similar effect when applied internally or topically in the form of ozonated oils such as olive oil. (Nikola Tesla was the first to develop these medicinal oils for physicians). Water can also be ozonated for drinking and bathing in. Finally, ozone gas, at precise concentrations, can be infused into a bag that is encapsulating a limb, (“limb bagging”), used in ozone saunas, can be injected directly into joints and soft tissues, as well as infused directly into body cavities, called “insufflation”. (Rectal/colon, vaginal, ears, sinuses, bladder.) In each of these cases, the ozone treats localized infections, and supports an accelerated healing of the inflamed tissue.

So what is Ozone Therapy… Bottom line, ozone therapy is safe, natural and works physiologically to eradicate all sorts of infections and boost your overall health and wellbeing.


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Doctors Alice Pien, MD and Asher Milgrom, Phd are established pioneers in the fields of Regenerative Medicine and Skincare. Their expertise ranges from advanced laser systems to stem cell medicine. Their medical education and advanced certifications span from medical schools of NY State University, the University of Chicago, to John Hopkins, Harvard and UCLA. They approach medicine with the clinical expertise of over 85,000 successful treatments over the past 20 years and significant scientific research resulting in proprietary protocols that they customize for each individual patient.