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Wine, Art and Adventure

For years our amazing patients got to meet each other only in our lobby. So, finally we launched our Wine, Art and Adventure series of events. Where-in our fabulous, spectacular, amazing, luminary patients can come together as a community and celebrate life and each other… overflowing with gratitude and joy.

This time the Wine of Halleck Vineyard and the Glass Blowing of Gavin Heath were featured. Next time could be one of our Gold Medal Olympians, or World Renowned Authors, or Nobel Laureates, or World Renowned Film Producers, or Mount Everest Climbers, or Most Famous Artists, Oscar Winning Actors, or Carnegie Hall Musicians, etc, etc, etc.

Stay tuned for our next event!

About Gavin Heath, Glass Artist 

Gavin Heath was born in Cape Town, South Africa on October 23, 1961. Gavin was exposed to a variety of cultures and experiences courtesy of eclectic and progressive parents.

At age six, young Heath would meet, play and dance with the tribal cultural known as Ndebelle.  He and sister Colleen would circle huge fires, echoing strange and rhythmical chants while anticipating the next ceremonial dance step. By daylight Heath would join the Ndebelle youth patiently watching the elder women methodically decorate their thatched mud dwellings.  The brightly painted and highly contrasting geometric shapes and cultural motifs would slowly unfold and most certainly entertain.  These were indeed beautiful gifts for all to share.

Heath would revisit these incredible people as an adult and one day pay tribute to their culture and peaceful heritage…

Excerpted from The Gallery of Modern Masters

From the Artist

My work stems from traditional glass techniques in the height of our car culture. Living in the Americas and born and raised in South Africa, I see “Progression” and “Primitive” in one life. This in turn makes me search for simplicity and the spirit of humanity, which is complicated in this reality. Whether my work is conscious, subconscious or both does not matter. Creativity shows spirit, which is of no particular religion of ideal.Hope you enjoy my fantasy and future.

– Gavin

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Enjoy the photos!!


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