Lupus & Avascular Necrosis

Sharan – My Amazing Lupus Treatment with Mesenchymal Stem Cells

(the following is a transcript of the full interview with Sharan)

Hello, My name is Sharan, I’m 18 years old and I was diagnosed with Lupus when I was 14. I was put on high-dose steroids for about 3 years and I would be in the hospital in-and-out because of flare-ups. I would have terrible headaches, joint pain, fevers, infections. It came to a point where I had to drop out of college and take a quarter off to focus on my health.

I Wasn’t Able to Walk
Sharan in hospital at UCLA

Sharan in the hospital at UCLA

I was hospitalized this past December because I couldn’t walk. I was having severe pain in my hip. The doctors told me I had avascular necrosis and I needed a bi-lateral hip replacement. I was devastated because the surgeons told me I had no other option but to get my hips replaced at 18 and I would need another one in 12 years.

So I came here to AMA Regenerative Medicine and… The stem cells worked.

The Stem Cell Treatments

The stem cell treatments were really painless. I didn’t feel the needles. They injected me with lidocaine, ozone and then the mesenchymal stem cells. I felt relief in my hip within 2 days which was amazing.

I was able to walk. I came in here in a wheelchair and today I am walking better than ever.

Relief from the Symptoms of Lupus
Today Sharan is pre-med at UC Irvine

Today Sharan is pre-med at UC Irvine

After I got the stem cell injection in my hip I felt immediate relief within a few days so I decided to get systemic mesenchymal therapy throughout my entire body. It has provided me with a lot of relief from the Lupus. Today I don’t even have that many flare-ups. I feel great and it’s only been 2 weeks after my stem cell infusion.

I had so many symptoms from the Lupus. My shoulders were constantly aching. I had insomnia since I was diagnosed with Lupus and that was relieved after I got the stem cells. I would have severe joint pain to the point that I couldn’t walk or I needed a brace to walk and my wrists would hurt so bad I couldn’t even write in college. Today I’m able to make a fist. I couldn’t have done that before. Before my hands would be like this and today I can make a fist.

The doctors told me that I had systemic inflammation throughout my entire body and after receiving the stem cells my inflammation went drastically down. The doctors were shocked that I improved so quickly.

There is a Solution to Lupus

If you are suffering from Lupus there is a solution. Never listen to the doctors when they tell you there is no cure or there’s no solution. Putting you on immunosuppressants, steroids all these NSAIDs medications just destroy your body. The mesenchymal stem cell treatments heal your body to the root of the cause. It provides you with a lot of relief.

Now that I have the stem cells in my body I plan on going back to UCI this spring. I am a biology major and I’m pre-med. I decided that I do want to go into medicine and I will fulfill my dream and I will be able to study without any pain now.

Sharan’s Mom – My Daughter’s Lupus Treatment with Stem Cells

(the following is a transcript of the full interview with Sharan and her mom)

Sharan’s Mom – For years we were going through the procedures and medications for my daughter’s lupus. None of them helped her. I don’t know how many times we were in UCLA. 15 days. 10 days. Last time in December she almost died. I was standing by her and was scared to death and I cried. I said my daughter is leaving me.”

What is Happening to Her!?
Sharan's mom thought her daughter was leaving her

Sharan’s mom thought her daughter was leaving her

Sharan’s Mom – I called all the doctors. They all came together and they looked at her and said what is happening to her. So they called the lupus specialist and he said “what are you giving to her” and he said “you need to stop giving her morphine. She is on so many medications just give her one medication.” Because the medication that they were giving to her for her lupus caused her legs to be in so much pain that she felt like her legs were cut. How many medications Sharan? Oxycontin, morphine, Dilaudid. All those medications she was on that day.

One night, it was 1:35 am in the morning, her eyes were shooting back and forth. I almost lost her. She had no sense where she was. She would just say “mom something is happening to me”. She couldn’t even say mom after that. She was just breathing and gasping.

She could not walk, she could not… Oh Gosh. I took her in the bathroom like that and put her in the wheelchair and carried her and said how am I going to work and take care of her? I have to do both.

The Stem Cell Treatment

Sharan’s Mom – Finally, we gotta go and she had already made an appointment with you guys for the stem cell treatments for her lupus. We couldn’t come because she was in the hospital. After 2 days we came here for the stem cells. She was able to walk after that.

2 days after the stem cell treatment for her lupus she was upstairs so she came down. I said “why are you walking?” “I have no pain”, she said. I said “oh my gosh you don’t have pain?” I was shocked! We took her upstairs my husband and I. When she came back walking we were like “oh my gosh! You don’t need a wheelchair anymore?” “No”, she said. “Return this wheelchair. I don’t need this wheelchair”. It was amazing!”

After the treatment she stayed home for a few months while school was out. She was so energized. She said “What do you want me to do I’m so bored. I’m so bored I need to do something mom. I need to go back to school.” I said yes next semester you can go but right now you have to do something, help me out here :)

She is Able To Walk! She is Able to Dance!
Sharan got a 4.0 GPA her spring quarter at UC Irvine

Sharan got a 4.0 GPA her spring quarter at UC Irvine

Sharan – After the lupus treatment with stem cells I went back to school at UCI. I got a 4.0 GPA my spring quarter. I was also able to dance in my culture show at UCI so that was really fun.

Sharan’s Mom – I was scared at first hoping that she won’t crash. I was in tears when I see her dancing. Before she couldn’t walk, she was in a wheelchair and it makes me really, REALLY, happy that through you guys she is able to walk now, she is able to dance now. It is a miracle. 

Sharan – After the dancing my mom thought that I would have pain or something but I was completely fine. 

At school I was able to be more social. I was actually able to walk around campus. That was really nice.

This Girl Will Change the World

Sharan – The MRI showed no inflammation and they said I’m not a candidate for surgery anymore. They just told me to keep living my life and if I had any pain to call the surgeon again. I haven’t needed to call him, I don’t need to.

Sharan’s Mom – When she graduated from high school her teacher said, “I know she comes to school in pain but she is always smiling and this girl will change the world you watch.”