Knee Pain, ACL & Meniscus Damage

My Stem Cell Knee Injections for ACL and Meniscus Damage

(the following is a transcript of the full interview with Reynolds)

My name is Reynolds. I’ve been coming to AMA Regenerative Medicine and Skincare for a number of years now for a variety of treatments. My most recent engagement was the result of a skiing injury that occurred over this last Christmas. I was skiing with my 5 and 7 year old daughters. I hyper-extended my left knee which had previously suffered an ACL tear and also meniscus damage and from that point forward I knew something was wrong with my knee again.

My Injury Did Not Heal

After spending about 4 to 6 weeks hoping that it would repair itself but continuing to have a lack of stability in the knee, coupled with what was either real, audible or psychological crunching in the knee, I decided that based upon what I had heard about stem cell therapy that I would look at that as a potential approach.

Stem Cell Injections in My Knee
Reynolds job keeps him on his feet

Reynold’s job keeps him on his feet

After having a conversation and doing my own independent research on stem cells I came to the conclusion that, that was a very rational approach to it. About 5 weeks ago I had stem cells as well as ozone and a vitamin b complex injected into my knee.

Since that time I have had 3 follow-up appointments for additional vitamin shots and ozone injections into my knee.

The only concern I had going into this stem cell treatment program was how it’s going to feel having injections into my knee. In this particular case I closed my eyes and I used my hands to squeeze the chair and was scared to death that I was going to be screaming at the top of my lungs and it didn’t hurt at all. It was astounding to me.

Certainly you feel a prick when the first needle goes in but there is a combination of vitamins and prcaine in that injection that slightly numbs the knee and after that point you don’t feel anything.

I finally got to the point this morning when I had my last ozone injection that I was actually able to watch the doctor do the injection. I have become so comfortable with the process that it is truly not disturbing in any way shape or form.

My Knee Started to Repaired Itself

I can tell you that in literally days of having the stem cells put in there I could feel as if my knee was beginning to repair itself. That has progressed on a regular basis since that time. I would say at this point in time after 5 weeks and certainly not completely through the benefits of the stem cell as well as the ozone therapy that it’s at least 95% of where it ought to be.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the process and have been telling everyone how successful it has been.

I believe that this use of stem cells, ozone and other regenerative therapies is the future of medicine and that is is going to revolutionize the way in which people approach treating injuries throughout their body.

Stem cell therapy works!

How I Avoided Knee Replacement Surgery with Stem Cell Injections

(the following is a transcript of the full interview with Susan)

Hi I’m Susan and I have had a life long battle with bad knees due to a hereditary lack of cartilage. It started out with my right knee when I was young. Popping out of joint, losing more cartilage, then the left knee took over. So I’ve had problems life long really with both of my knees. I came to AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare when I found out one of the treatments that you guys provided was stem cell injections.

I Did Not Want Knee Replacement Surgery
Susan on her horse working cows

Susan on her horse working cows

When I found out that you guys also did stem cell knee injections that of course heightened my curiosity as I have been working with an orthopedic for years and my next step was knee replacement surgery of both knees. So I had nothing to lose, except maybe a little bit of cash, in trying to see if the stem cell injections would be more helpful than what I had been doing for years at this point.

What I liked about it was the fact that you guys were using umbilical stem cells. The other places I had talked to were taking stem cells from me and I thought, based on my understanding, I’m not going to have as many stem cells being that I am over 50. So I liked the idea of umbilical stem cells.

The Stem Cell Treatments

The stem cell treatment that I had consisted of two steps. They drew blood and mixed the stem cells with my own blood to create, she kind of described it like a nest. That they end up injecting back into the knee joint.

After she injected that she injected ozone into my knee. I have been having the ozone injections done quarterly since. I’ve had three of them done now and what I notice afterward is the improvement sensations. Comfort, less swelling, more flexibility, more comfort where the knee is really having to be used, just keeps kind of increasing. I think it’s worth it and a good match to have the two together.

It’s definitely added to the benefit of the stem cells so they are able to keep working and do whatever they are going to do in there. Again, you walk in, do it, walk out. It’s not painful and you walk out and go about your daily life.

Life-Giving Results
Abrupt movements on her horse no longer hurt

Abrupt movements on her horse no longer hurt

Sure enough after 3 or 4 weeks I started noticing changes. I practice yoga and I am a western horse back rider. I compete, I work cows so there are some abrupt movements on my horse. First time I noticed it I had to get off my horse for whatever reason and didn’t have a mounting block nearby. I was just going to have to mount off the ground and it didn’t hurt. I didn’t feel like my knee was going to blow out. That was my first indicator that, oh, that was new.

From there my knee has done nothing but gotten better so I am very comfortable now mounting off the ground. I don’t have pain. I don’t having any sheering. I’ve noticed that I have regained strength. It’s improved yoga as well because some of the poses were very difficult with any deep bending. My knees wouldn’t bend. They were always swollen to the point that I was having to take a prescription anti-inflammatory on a daily basis. I want to say about 6 months, 7 months in, I stopped taking the medication. I don’t even take Advil now. I need nothing. I haven’t experienced that in close to 10 years.

The results of the stem cell injections have been short of life giving as far as my knees are concerned. I don’t even see surgery on my horizon right now. It’s fantastic so it’s been wonderful. I’ll do this again before I go considering surgery.

Dr. John Gray – My Experience with Stem Cell Knee Injections

(the following is a transcript of the full interview with Dr. Gray)

Hi I’m Dr. John Gray author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. I came to AMA Regenerative Medicine because I couldn’t walk on my right leg. After writing a book, sitting at my desk for 3 months, I ran up some stairs and tore, you could actually hear a snap in my knee and then I couldn’t even walk on my knee. It was like shocking.

Conventional Treatments Made My Knee Worse
Dr. John Gray's knees are back

Dr. John Gray’s knees are back

Before the stem cell treatment I tried a whole bunch of conventional things. Chiropractor treatments, exercises, actually they seemed to make it worse.

Then I came here to AMA Regenerative Medicine for the stem cell injections and what a transformation. It blew my mind.

The Stem Cell Treatment Process

The whole treatment process was surprising to me because they told me they were going to put needles into my knees and I don’t like needles at all but there was a nice numbing treatment that they did beforehand. So it was quite acceptable and it was such a pleasure to be working with Dr. Pien. She is an angel from heaven.

After 3 months my leg is back. It’s been a couple of years now and it’s better than it was for the last 20 years. Amazing!

If somebody is considering stem cell treatments they are really lucky. This is life transformational, basic and easy. Your body does it for you. It’s fantastic!