Heart Disease

My Recovery from Open Heart Surgery with Stem Cells and Ozone

(the following is a transcript of the full interview with Gavin)

My name is Gavin. This is the story of my recovery from open heart surgery. I had a quadruple bypass. I’m a glass artist and surfer. Pretty active person. I’ve been a vegetarian my whole life.

Something’s Wrong!
Gavin back to glass blowing following his surgery

Gavin is glass blowing again following his surgery

I started sweating. I was dripping wet within 5 minutes. Started getting pins and needles in my whole body. Short of breath. Felt really weird. A sensation I’ve never experienced. It subsided. I felt kind of drained. Felt like I had the flu. Started getting clammy again. 

Next minute I was in an ambulance going to Mission Hospital. I was there for 12 days. The hospital did every test they could on me. The did a stress test and saw that there was blockage. 

They concluded that I needed open heart surgery. A quadruple bypass. They didn’t understand how I had energy at all. I was just being fed by the vessels behind my heart. All of them were 100% blocked.I guess I went into freak status at that point.  I had to get my head around getting a quadruple bypass because I didn’t even feel that bad. 

Facing the Monster Wave of Surgery

They let me sleep on it. The next day I was really scared to undergo open heart surgery but I’ve surfed big waves all my life and I was scared every time but it didn’t stop me from going.

That day I made preparations. I had an attorney friend of mine come in and set me up for my daughter to take power of attorney. They gave me my last meal that night which I just passed on. 

Next morning they wheeled me in to the operating room and I was out for 12 hours. On the operating table for 6. The next morning the doctors had me walking within hours. On the 3rd day the doctors sent me home. I was pretty messed up still. I could barely hold my head up. Just no energy at all. I regrouped a little bit to the point that I could come and see Dr. Asher Milgrom and Dr. Alice Pien at AMA Regenerative Medicine.

I’m alive. I’m so stoked.

My Ozone and Stem Cell Treatments

Dr. Asher Milgrom and Dr. Alice Pien have been giving me ozone and stem cells. They have really kicked in my energy and helped my recovery. It feels like a construction site in me after I have the stem cells. The stem cells just go to town in me when you put them in. I wake up with an incredible appetite. I just want to eat everything in site. It feels like my body is burning up a ton of energy. 

2 weeks after my quadruple bypass I got signed off by my surgeon which was today. Here we are brother. Back on. Back in the game.

Impressive Recovery Time
Gavin is back in the water

Gavin is back in the water

I saw the doctor yesterday and he was really impressed with my recovery time and he said I don’t need to come back unless I feel like I need to come back. He said I don’t need to see you again. They are telling me that once I recover I am going to be fitter and stronger and healthier than I ever was so the guys in the lineup better watch out cause I’m coming after you. I can feel them.

I’m excited to get back in the water and blow glass, make art. Yeah, my recovery from open heart surgery is pretty awesome it many multiple ways. I’m feeling a lot better. Every day is getting better. I just feel every day that I’m getting stronger and healing faster and faster. I think just overall everything is getting better. I’m very grateful for being able to get the ozone and stem cells to help me recover fast from my quadruple bypass because I got work to do and a new higher purpose in life. Thank you everyone. I appreciate it.

Thanks for everything. Big Love. See you next week. Have a great weekend. Bye.”