Oprah and Doctor Oz Report On Oxygen Therapy

Posted by Admin on Tuesday, August 11, 2009
It is no mystery that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is becoming incredibly prevalent amongst local medical communities and hospitals to treat a variety of illnesses and health conditions. Beyond the use of hyperbaric oxygen chambers to help treat an illness or condition, we are now more readily seeing the benefits of oxygen therapy being used as an everyday healer and life extender. Dr. Oz and Oprah recently reported the amazing findings behind the research associated with Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments, and the dramatic results that have been discovered. This amazing portal has the ability to produce intense cellular regeneration within the body, exponentially accelerating the healing process of organs and tissues resulting in a dramatic form of vitality and life extension. "If you're looking for a simple way to extend your life span, Dr. Oz says to look no further than your nearest hospital. Many offer hyperbaric oxygen therapy, a treatment Dr. Oz calls a potentially great longevity tool since it keeps stem cells healthier so they can repair our bodies. The hyperbaric chamber may look high-tech, but the concept is pretty simple. When you take oxygen and pressurize it in a tube, Dr. Oz says the oxygen is forced into a person's cells. "It gets stem cells to mobilize from bone marrow," he says. "It gets those cells moving along so it goes out to heal areas. In some parts of the body, like the brain, where you don't always have a lot of oxygen in the tissues, it might improve memory. It might play a role in making those cells, which have energy factories function more efficiently. Oxygen therapy isn't just for people who want to live longer. It's also speeds up the healing process for wounds and helps repairs broken bones.” - "High Tech Ways To Extend Your Life" - Oprah.com At American Medical Aesthetics, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is one of the most sought after treatments because AMA is one of the only qualified medical facilities to provide Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy outside of a hospital. HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) has been used around the world for over Fifty years in the prevention and improvement of debilitating conditions and in the enhancement of overall health. In a myriad of documented cases HBOT has produced remarkable and miraculous benefits for a wide variety of serious medical conditions, and has also been clinically proven to produce a more efficient immune system, rapid regeneration of cells, and works as a potent anti-aging therapy. Simply stated, significantly increasing the delivery of oxygen to all tissues throughout one’s body results in improved health and vitality. The oxygen you breathe at increased atmospheric pressure allows every fluid in your body, including the fluid in your tissues, blood, lymph fluid and even your cerebrospinal fluid (surrounding your spine and brain) to absorb this incredible natural source of healing, life giving oxygen. Once these fluids are “supercharged” with oxygen, there is an increased oxygen supply to all of your body systems and organs. You’ll witness peak wellness, peak energy and peak mental acuity. Healing from virtually every illness and even post surgery will occur faster and more extensively. You will discover amazing, restful rejuvenating sleep and with continued treatments over a period of time you’ll experience the anti-aging benefits provided by HBOT as a certified and proven longevity therapy.
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